Special Flagship and SA Tour/Safari Package
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Special Flagship and SA Tour/Safari Package

Here is an offer that is hard to refuse. Come to Africa on an exciting journey of personal growth of equipping, healing & discipleship and, on the same journey, experience the beauty of South Africa from an unique vantage point.

We have so positioned the Flagship School and the Unique SA Experience Tour/Safari for those who want God to enrich, restore their own personal roots and at the same time explore the roots of South Africa spiritual history. 

The Flagship School is an indepth healing and discipleship training running from 1 August – 30 September. Directly after the Flagship, an Ellel team will take you on a very interesting tour. We start off with a tour of Cape Town and the main Tour starts 8 days later. The tour includes:

  • The very best of Cape Town, the Cape Peninsula and Robben Island (2 Oct – 6 Oct) 
  • The Main tour is around Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa, and visits to Johannesburg to get a better understanding of the liberation struggle of which Nelson Mandela was a key figurehead and then a visit to the world renowned Kruger National Park (8 Oct - 18 Oct)

This is ideal for people who want to take a Sabbatical, who want to be equipped and restored and have a heart for the panoramic and beauty South Africa has to offer in a safe environment. 


Flagship & Cape Town Tour: 1 Aug – 6 Oct                                         £2550 

Flagship & Cape Town and Main Tour: 1 Aug -18 Oct                        £3450 

All prices include accommodation.

All prices exclude Air Fares.

Please note that seperate application forms for Flagship School and for the Unique Tour must be completed

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