Flagship Testimonies

Testimonies From Flagship Programme


In the past I used to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety and fear which ruled my life. To my great surprise that anxiety isn’t there anymore; it’s completely gone!  I now realize that what Jesus did on Flagship was real. 


It was during the Flagship Programme where I discovered I could relate and talk to God as my FATHER.


I find myself in a position where I need to support and reach out to others who are really struggling.  God has provided me with peace and equipped me with skills to walk through these challenging situations with people around me. 


At the start of Flagship I felt that God had said that these 2 months would have a greater impact on my life than what I’d experienced in the past. I had doubts that this would be true because of the huge impact of previous experiences and how I had viewed God, life and people. I discovered that the Lord was true to His Word.


I learnt the discipline of spending time alone with God and how to connect to Him as Father. This was something I had always desired but had never experienced.


The Lord delivered me from the control that others had over my life but also healed me from the wounds and hurts it caused.


I realised the Lord really does heal. I experienced it myself.


I can testify that since the Flagship Programme, my life is different. I find myself more enthusiastic about the things of God, more confident in prayers because I am more connected with God and I can share God’s truth more passionately.


The Flagship School was a turning point for me, a self-examination, a new birth, a new start and more than anything else a retreat worth all my time and resources.


I have not forgotten the miracles and faithfulness of the Father while I was at the Flagship Programme. Our business, children and family were well taken care of by the Father whilst I was on the Programme.