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1 - 2 November 2024
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Ellel Ministries Rwanda

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Breaking Ungodly Behaviour Patterns

What we believe and how we behave our inextricably linked. When our beliefs about ourselves, others and God become distorted through life experiences, it can lead to deep confusion, negatively impact our relationships and bring our mental health into question.

This course will explore the ways in which such beliefs are formed and how these beliefs, when out of sync with God’s truth, cause cycles of behaviour in our lives which can be addictive, destructive and distressing.

God’s heart is to free you from the power of lies that have taken hold in your heart, which will powerfully undermine the habits and behaviours that seek to control you.

With a non-judgmental approach, this course seeks to help you if you are feeling trapped or locked into behaviours you cannot seem to break away from, helping you identify the wrong beliefs that are fuelling the behaviour to find freedom and new life in Christ.

Kuva mu Ruhererekane rw'Imyitwarire Mibi

Ibyo twizera n’uko twitwara ni ibintu bikubiranye ku buryo bukomeye. Iyo imyizerere yacu kuri twe ubwacu, ku bandi ndetse no ku Mana yangiritse binyuze mu byo twanyuzemo, bishobora gutera gucanganyikirwa, bikagira ingaruka mbi ku mibanire yaci ndetse bikazana ibibazo mu buzima bwacu bwo mu mutwe. 

Iyi nyigisho izasesengura uko mwene iyo myizerere iremwa ndetse n’uko iyi myizerere, ihabanye n’ukuri kw’Imana, itera uruhererekane rw’imyitwarire mu buzima bwacu ishobora kutugira imbata, ikatwangiza ndetse ikaduhangayikisha. 

Umutima w’Imana ni ukugukiza imbaraga z’ibinyoma byafashe mu mutima wawe, aribyo bizaca intege cyane ingeso n’imyitwarire ishaka kukugira imbata. 

Mu buryo bidaca urubanza, iyi nyigisho ishaka kugufasha niba wumva uboshye cyangwa ufungiranwe mu myitwarire ikugoye kureka, ikagufasha kumenya imyizerere mibi igaburira iyo myitwarire ngo ubone umudendezo n’ubuzima bushya muri Krisito.

Event Details

Time/Amasaha:  Friday/Vendredi: 17:30-20:00 & Saturday/Samedi: 08:30-18:30

Courses Fee/Amafaranga y'Inyigisho: 15,000 Rwf for registered Guest in Explore Programme and/k'uwiyandikishije muri SESENGURA na 20,000 Rwf for non-registered guest /k'utariyandikishije.

Payment/Kwishyura:  MTN MoMo Pay: *182*8*1*982011#  

Register HERE/Kanda AHA wiyandikishe. 


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