Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

5-Day Healing Week

Are you one of the many people struggling in your Christian walk and while longing to know the fullness of life that Jesus won for you on the Cross, you still carry hurts and pains from past experiences? Maybe there are behaviors that you can’t seem to overcome or fears that grip you and hold you back? Then this week is for you!

The Good News is that Jesus is able to free us from the things that hinder us. He can heal our broken hearts and bind up our wounds – regardless of how hopeless we may feel in the midst of them.

This special 5-Day Healing Week is designed for ordinary people who struggle in their lives and desire the Lord’s help to move them to a place of freedom. It is also ideal for those who want to know more about the healing ministry and how it applies to our everyday lives.

The Format 

Each day will include teaching and ministry sessions which will highlight some of the main root problems that people face and will not only offer keys to healing but also prayer ministry opportunities.

Please note that the personal ministry offered during this special event will be both led from the front by the teachers and in addition, members of the Ellel Ministry Team will be available to minister during the sessions in the conference hall. Private ministry appointments will not be available during the week.

The Teaching Content

  • God’s heart for healing
  • How to get to the root of the problem
  • Spiritual roots of physical issues
  • The importance of Lordship
  • Forgiveness - a vital key to healing
  • Understanding emotional pain and its consequences
  • Generational curses and how to break them
  • The power of words
  • The impact of ungodly expressions of sexuality
  • Beliefs and mindsets
  • Healing the human spirit
  • Overcoming rejection
  • Healing through deliverance
  • The dangers of false religions and the occult
  • Lasting effects of accident and trauma
  • Freedom from fear and anxiety
  • Walking with the Lord


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