Alexander Morrison

Director of Ellel Canada (Calgary)

Alexander Morrison is the director of Ellel Ministries Canada based in Calgary, Alberta. He was born in Calgary and raised in old Anglican values.

His tender heart for God was turned upside down when he meet Billy Graham at age 17. But with no fellowship, a year later the world had its allure and so a successful 25 year career in commercial real estate commenced. The emptiness Alexander felt inside could not be satisfied by any other idea, faith or new age thought although he looked for it there first. It was only after burnout and divorce stopped him and a desire not to continue on the same life path, that God led Alexander to Ellel.

It was March 2004 on an Ellel Healing Retreat he re-accepted Jesus. He knew then that God had filled the hollow space within, but all was not done. After attending every course presented locally, including a 9 week school, he was invited on the associate team and then staff in June 2005. Alexander continued to sit under the teaching of Ellel and the leadership of Al & Linda Fode. Then, January 2006, helped them settle into the current storefront location. Through this ministry God has developed with Alexander a deep love and understanding of the benefits that healing and discipleship provides.

God’s blessing, healing & redeeming grace was further demonstrated by his marriage with Marion Butler (born in Windsor, England) on August 2010. After Al & Linda retired from Ellel, Alexander was anointed and appointed to be the new director on October 20, 2012 and has been joined by Marion in the operations of the centre. Alexander’s and Marion's heart for the healing touch and love of God has moved them to equip, empower and encourage people with the truths presented through the real experience of discipling that Ellel presents.