Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness

Many of us struggle with painful feelings. Sometimes we have over-the-top emotional reactions or we find our emotions do confusing things, like laughing when we should cry. What is going on? Can emotions be healed?

Jesus was fully human and therefore fully understands us. In His healing ministry he showed that inner healing is a vital part of the process of becoming healthy. His compassionate response to those in need demonstrates that true healing is bringing wholeness not only to our bodies but also to our emotions and our inner being. Inner healing is part of the fullness of healing that Jesus won at the cross.

Even doctors recognise that our physical health is affected by our emotional condition, our thinking and our personal relationships.

This very popular course explains how inner damage happens and how you can know God's healing love for yourself and for those you may be called to help. 

Topics covered include:

Opportunity will be given during the course for discussion, asking questions and application of the teaching into our own lives as well as opportunity to receive personal prayer ministry. 

I have not heard teaching like this before. It has given me keys to freedom! I can't wait to share this teaching with others