Healing for Victims of Accident and Trauma

Post-traumatic stress and the consequences of accidents continue to affect many people's lives, even years after the event. This is because traumas and accidents can cause damage to our spirit and soul as well as to our bodies. The result may be chronic pain, fears, sleep problems, low level constant anxiety and much more.  

If you have suffered an accident or other type of trauma in the past and are seeking God's healing touch, this ministry course provides vital healing keys. 

During the course, time will be set apart for you to reach out and receive God's healing for yourself. This is also an excellent course for those involved in ministry to others; to learn how to pray for them and bring God's healing. Many people have experienced dramatic physical and emotional healing, both on this course and through applying what they learned here. 

Teaching includes:

Where wounding and damage takes place

Because we are body, soul and spirit, we can be damaged by trauma in each of these areas.

Why complete healing may not have taken place

When we face sudden or severe shock, the fear and trauma can become trapped in our inner being. 

How the human spirit is damaged

Understand how the human spirit can be damaged and wounded through trauma.

Healing of inner brokenness

Jesus came to 'heal the broken-hearted'. How to pray effectively for someone who has been involved in an accident or trauma is explained and demonstrated. 

During this ministry course, there will be opportunity for you to respond to the teaching and receive personal prayer for healing. 

I fell between the platform and the train 3 years ago. My arm and shoulder had been in constant pain ever since. They are now totally healed!