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Ellel USA - Securing the Land

As many of you know, Ellel USA has been waiting on the Lord to provide a building for our center in the USA.  We purchased the 140 acres of land we are located on 12 years ago with a 100% loan.  But because of a series of challenges, unprecedented in 30 years since the ministry of Ellel was established in England in 1986, we have been unable to free the land from this financial encumbrance, without which we can't put up the building(s) that will accommodate the great purposes God has for the land and center.

But we believe that now this goal is within our grasp!  The Lord has opened a new window of opportunity for us to obtain unencumbered title to the land if we act by March 31, 2018.  Even though the original loan was for $2,200,000, we have now been told that the land will be ours if we can pay $1,500,000 for the land by that date - otherwise it will be placed for immediate sale on the open real estate market.

We have already raised approximately $375,000 (as of January 19, 2018) towards outright ownership of the land, reducing what we now need to only $1,125,000.  Although this is not a small amount of money, it is surely well within the combined abilities of those of us who have been touched by the ministry!  If we will all sacrificially give an extravagant gift, we can reach this goal.  I truly believe this is what the Lord wants - a group effort of sacrificial giving to free the land.

I also believe there are a few people that are to give very large sums toward this effort.  The Lord has gifted some of you with the heart and resources to support His Kingdom in very significant ways, financially.  We are believing that the Lord is not only going to free this land so that we can build, but that He will also provide the finances to actually start the building process.  Although we can begin to build for significantly less, the first phase of the main facility could be completed for $3,000,000 beyond the cost of the land mentioned above.

Whether you give a numerically large or small gift, would you please prayerfully consider a sacrificial financial gift toward freeing the Ellel USA land once and for all from its financial bondage, so that we may move forward in the Lord's full purposes for it?  Even if 10% of those touched by the work of Ellel in the USA alone would give $10,000 or more, we would easily surpass the goal of purchasing the land for cash and would be able to begin the first phase of building.

Would you please call our office at 813-737-4848 or email me directly ( to make a donation or to let us know that you plan to do so.  You can also CLICK HERE to donate online. Time is of the essence.  And we want to make sure every penny designated toward the land, goes for that purpose.  By calling or emailing, we can also keep a "real time" tally of the funds coming in for this purpose.  Remember, our deadline is March 31, 2018, so we need your donation by March 15, 2018!

Please share this with anyone you believe might be interested in helping in this effort or share this video with them  - CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO.  Thanks so much for your faithful prayer and financial support of Ellel USA thus far and for giving this plea prayerful and serious consideration.  Please feel free to call me at the number above if you have any questions.  I will keep you posted about our progress but please don't wait to give.  If the Lord is prompting you to give, give generously and immediately!


Matt Moore
National Director, Ellel Ministries USA