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22 April 2024


Overflow Church

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Passover Seder

"Seder" means "order" in Hebrew.  A Passover Seder is a special meal celebrating Passover.  It is the meal Jesus took with his disciples immediately before he went to die on the cross.  It was at the last Passover Seder, that Jesus washed the disciples feet.  It was at the last Passover Seder that He took the unleavened bread and the cup of wine known as the cup of redemption in the Seder meal and declared "this do in rememberance of me."

So the Seder is a memorial of what Jesus did for the redemption of mankind, but it also hearkens back further in time as a rememberance of God's protection of the Israelites through the plague of death of the first-born that was sent on the Egyptians.  Passover was instituted by the Lord as a rememberance of the death angel "passing over" those who were covered by the blood of the slain lamb.

We celebrate Passover as Christians as a remembrance of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, and as a recognition of His deliverance from death to life of those who have put their faith in Him. Practically, it is a special meal taken together during which we remember (by scripture readings and recitations) the various aspects of God's physical deliverance of the people of Israel from the hands of Egypt and His spiritual deliverance of all believers from the kingdom of darkness.

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Event Details

Check-in: 5:45 pm - 6:15 pm

Event: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE: This is a 3-hour program, so we will start promptly at 6:30. Please consider your children's attention span when deciding whether to bring them to this event.



Overflow Church

4929 Bell Shoals Rd.

Valrico, FL 33596

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