Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
Two Day Event

20 - 21 November 2020
(Fri - Sat)



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God's Plumbline - ONLINE

Exploring how to Recognize and Avoid Deception

There is need to have a standard by which truth, behaviour and belief are measured and the plumbine of God’s Word provides this standard.

However, we live in times of much turmoil and confusion. As people have increasingly let go of God's truth, insecurity and chaos has pervaded our society. Even within the church we can get conflicting and muddled messages, unhealthy extremes and wrong teaching.

So how can we know what is truth, what is real and what is right? How can we steer our lives safely through today's world and avoid the deceptive traps of Satan – the father of lies?

Jesus told us clearly that deception would increase towards the end, and He commanded us to be wise and discerning. He is the One who is truth and leads us into truth. He wants to help us with growing in discernment.

This course will give you tools to help you build your life on God's Word, grow in discernment to avoid and, where necessary, be set free from deception. It will tackle common deceptions within the church using 1 Timothy 4:16 as a key scripture… ‘Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.’.

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Event Details

Due to the Corona Virus, this course is offered ONLINE for those who are resident in the US, Caribbean and South/Central America. Details regarding logging in for the event will be included in a confirmation email you will recieve after you have registered.

Log on 

  • Friday, by 6:00 pm (EST)

Event Schedule

  • Friday: 6:15 pm - 9:15 pm: worship and teaching sessions on Zoom
  • Saturday: 
  •      9:00 am - 2:30 pm: Worship and teaching sessions on Zoom
  •      2:30 pm - 6:00 pm: Encounter & Reflection Time
         *OPTIONAL: Weather permitting (all activities will be outdoors), participants are invited to our center at 1708 English Acres Dr. to spend this segment of the course at the center on the land with the Lord and receive a pre-packaged meal at 5pm that they can enjoy there or take home with them. MASKS REQUIRED when indoors or when closer than six feet to another person.
  •      6:00 pm - 6:30 pm: Participants travel home 
  •      6:30 pm - 7:00pm:  Worship and testimonies on Zoom 
  •      7:00 pm - 8:00 pm: Group time on Zoom

Location Restrictions

  • Only those residing within the United States, Central and South America and the Caribbean may attend this event. Those from other parts of the world may attend with special permission. Please contact the office for details. 

Technical Requirements

  • A smart phone, iPad/tablet, laptop or PC equipped with a microphone and camera
  • Zoom application downloaded to the device (you may create an account on Zoom, however, you are not required to create an account in order to log on to this event -- you must have the zoom application on your device, however). We suggest that if you have multiple devices, you download Zoom on all of them so you have an alternative in case one device does not work. Click Here to go to Zoom's website and download the Zoom application for a PC or go to the App store for your device.
  • Test your camera and microphone before the event

Meeting Environment

  • Participants must have a private location where they can be online without disturbance.
  • Multiple attendees may participate from the same device, however, please register each planned attendee individually.
  • Children should not be in the room.


Notes for this course will be mailed to you provided registration has been completed at least 5 days before the event start date. Otherwise, they will be sent via email after you register and before the event. Meeting credentials -- Zoom link, meeting ID and password -- will be sent with your confirmation email. Please do not share these with others. Each person seeking to connect a device or attend the event, must complete their own registration. 


This event is not suitable for children. Those between 16 and 18 years of age may participate with special permission. Please call the office.

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