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Seeds of the Kingdom

What Does God Hate?

by John Sainsbury

There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him.
Proverbs 6:16, NIV

If you knew that God absolutely hated something you’d want to avoid it, wouldn’t you?

In the wonderful book we know as Proverbs, there is a list of seven things that God absolutely detests; seven things that we would do well to stay well clear of. Do you know what they are? I read this with such a jumbled up sense of relief at having God’s views spelled out so clearly and feeling humbled and challenged not to fall into any of them.

The first is having haughty eyes (verse 17). What does that even mean? Having haughty eyes has to do with pride, and pride does not play well with God. So, if or when, we look down on others because of our pride in ourselves, God doesn’t like it. In fact, elsewhere we are encouraged to think of others as better than ourselves (Philippians 2:3-5).

The second is a lying tongue (verse 17). We know from Scripture that our enemy is referred to as the father of lies (John 8:44). If we lie, we speak his language rather than God’s and, not surprisingly, God detests that!

The third is hands that shed innocent blood (verse 17). God hates the innocent suffering, especially when that suffering leads to death. What a terrifying prospect for those who engage in such activities that one day they will have to face up to God for their actions!

The fourth thing he detests is a heart that devises wicked schemes (verse 18). Literally this is someone who deliberately plans to do something knowing it to be wrong. No wonder God detests such scheming.

Fifthly are the feet (or the person) that are quick to rush into evil (verse 18). This is the person who demonstrates a great delight and enjoyment of evil and an eagerness to participate in it. I wonder sometimes if this delight extends even to our own entertainment when we delight to watch things on screen that we would never dream of participating in.

Sixth is perjury (verse 19). God detests those who act as false witnesses to pour out lies that convict an innocent person. But even when we pass on unproven things about another, when we gossip, we too can be guilty of this action if we’re not careful. Remember these are the things God detests!

And finally, a person who stirs up dissension among brothers. This is a person who creates disunity among those who hitherto had been close. Unity is absolutely God’s calling card, and He delights to bless situations where brothers live together in unity (Psalm 133). So, if God loves unity, He detests it when others seek to undermine that unity for whatever purpose.

How confronting these seven things the Lord detests are! Do we detest them as much as He does? And if so, are we doing all we can to stay well away from these things?

John Sainsbury and his wife Sue are part of the leadership team at Ellel Grange. John has served as a church leader for many years, most recently as Lead Pastor of the Garstang Free Methodist Church. He has a passion for seeing many brought into the fulness of life that following Christ brings.


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