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Seeds of the Kingdom

We All Have a Part to Play

by Bronwyn Persson

All of you are Christ`s body, and each one is a part of it.
1 Corinthians 12:27, GNT

I was recently blessed by an amazing recording. I saw members of an orchestra, all in their own homes, submerging themselves in their gifting and playing their respective music scores. An editor then combined the individual elements of the home videos and sound clips, to create a final piece, the beauty of the song ‘Amazing Grace’.

The above scripture tells us that we are all part of His Body. We have been assigned to different parts of the Body. More importantly, we are continually being prepared by Him to perfectly fulfil that specific role (Romans 8:28).

However, because of our limited views of life, we forget that the Father has a much bigger picture in mind. We also tend to see our limitations instead of our potential. Our earthly roles in life often define our viewpoint. A mother usually only sees herself as a mother, home keeper and child minder. Office workers often see themselves as only employees and nothing else. Sometimes we find that even ministers of the gospel see themselves in the light of the daily tasks they have to perform. They don’t realise that their spiritual potential is far greater than their earthly roles appear to be.

In the realm of the Spirit, we can compare this to making music. As we follow His cues, our Master conductor is creating a harmony that will ring through eternity. One day, I believe we will be privileged to see the unfolding of God’s great masterpiece in its entirety, the Lamb’s work of redemption and salvation of mankind, all beautifully woven with the tinges and threads of our unique lives.

Try to see the gift God has given you during this time, for some, of isolation, the amazing grace of our Father. Fully immerse yourself in it and appreciate the fact that you have a specific heavenly assignment. Spend this time with His Holy Spirit, allowing Him to expand your horizons as He prepares you for the way ahead.

Do you sometimes feel that you are part of something bigger than you are and would you like to investigate what your part is in the beautiful harmony that God is creating? If so, perhaps you would like to pray this prayer.
Prayer: Dear Lord, I know that somewhere there is a part for me to play in the bigger picture of life. As I choose to open my heart to You, will You guide me towards the destiny I have in You. Amen.

Bronwyn Persson Bronwyn and her husband Stefan live in South Africa and have served the Lord Saviour together in local churches all their married life. They have 2 adult children. Bronwyn attended a number of courses at Ellel KZN which included the Modular Course. She is now a member of the Associate Team. At the moment Bronwyn and her husband are involved in Permaculture which is a system of land design according to Biblical principles.


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