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Seeds of the Kingdom

Walk Humbly with Your God

by Stephanie Poulin

11 December 2018

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He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?
Micah 6:8, NASB

Several weeks ago, I was asked if I’d be interested in sharing for a few minutes during the morning devotional on one of our Healing Retreats. It would involve sharing a short Bible verse, something that God had been speaking to me through recently. My initial response to being asked to share for any length of time in front of a group of people is to say a definite no! I felt, however, that God wanted me to say yes, so I agreed.

Now in the past, whenever I’ve been asked to share something, I always prepare by asking God what He wants to say to others. However, this time I had to share something that God had been speaking to me. So, I decided to ask God what He wanted to speak to me, and I would share that with others.

I came across today’s passage from Micah 6 and I saw something that I hadn’t noticed before. I’d always read the verse as saying, ‘And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly before your God?”

I always saw the word ‘before’, and, while didn’t see it as necessarily a bad thing, somehow, in my mind, the verse became a list of things I had to do, as if my behaviour was on display before God. Sometimes this list seemed like a tall order to fill!

When I read this verse in a different Bible translation though, the word ‘with’, really stood out to me. As I read it again, I saw it in a whole new light, ‘And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God’. When I saw that, I thought, “this changes everything”.

Now I realised the verse wasn’t just giving me commands. It was telling me that I didn’t have to do this on my own. Instead, I could do it with the Lord. Out of my relationship with Him, He empowers me with His grace, and gives me His strength. I want to remind you today, that, whatever it is that you are having to do, you never have to do it in your own ability, but you can do it with the Lord. He wants to walk with you today and fill you with His strength.

Prayer: Father thank You that You don’t leave us on our own, and that we don’t have to rely on our own ability to accomplish Your will in our lives. Help us to remember that we can turn to You for our strength today and that we’ll be able to see You working in and through us today. Amen.

Stephanie Poulin Stephanie attended the Flagship program at Ellel Grange in 20120. Earlier this year she came from her home in Canada to join the team at Ellel Grange, where she works on Reception and Booking.


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