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Seeds of the Kingdom

Uttered Through a Daffodil

by Sue Dare

“You are precious and honoured in my sight.”
Isaiah 43:4, NIV

I had a few friends over for curry the other night and one of them brought with her a bunch of unopened daffodils. I thanked her for the gift and put them in a large water glass, in the middle of the kitchen table. How shocked I was when I awoke the following morning to be greeted by four ‘sunny little faces.’ After work another daffodil had opened and it caused me to smile as I walked through the door.

I really like daffodils. Yellow is my favourite colour but they also have a much deeper significance to me than that. Many years ago, when I was struggling with a crippling sense of low worth, a colleague had encouraged me to regularly buy myself a bunch of flowers. She suggested daffodils because they were relatively cheap and numerous at the time and thus wouldn’t break the budget. Every time I bought myself a bunch of daffodils I was to remind myself that I was ‘worth something.’ I know that probably sounds like a simple assignment to some of you, but for me it certainly wasn’t. I struggled to buy that first bunch of flowers. Finally I did give in though and two decades later, whenever I see daffodils, I still repeat the same message to myself. It has much more meaning to me now than it did back then and I’m saying it with a lot more conviction.

As I walk around the Grange in Spring, and see those little yellow heads, each one cries the same message to me. They are a consistent reminder that I am loved, that I am valued, that I am precious to my Heavenly Father, and nothing anyone else can say will ever change that fact. I have great worth in the eyes of God and so do you! Some of you grimaced when you read that line because you believe it’s too good to be true. People have told you that you’re worth nothing and treat you accordingly. And you’ve believed them! It seems much easier to accept the lie than to embrace the truth, yet it’s only in embracing the truth that we’re set free. I repeat again – You have great worth in the eyes of God and He wants you to accept that today. Perhaps it’s time for a walk amongst the daffodils.

Prayer: Father God, You know all about me and how I struggle sometimes to believe what You say about me. Nevertheless I choose today to believe the truth. Help me to walk in it I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sue Dare works with the the CEED team based at Ellel Hungary, having previously been part of the Ellel Grange team. Her desire is to see people healed, restored & discipled, so they can go on to fulfil their God given potential.


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