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Seeds of the Kingdom

Too late?

by Lindsay O’Reilly

Early, on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw the stone had been rolled away.
John 20:1, NIV

Mary Magdalene had a purpose for getting up that morning – she had it all planned and was ready before sunrise and left home to do the only thing that was left for her to do. The One she loved so dearly had died and all her hopes and dreams were shattered. She was on her way to do the one thing she knew she could still do for her Lord and master – anoint His body, bringing closure and finality to a chapter in her life – but what then?

When she arrived at her destination the stone was rolled away – the tomb was empty – she was too late – the body was gone! She was unable to do what she knew she should do – what she thought was the best thing to do.

But that day God had something else in mind – something far greater than she could ever have dreamed or imagined! He was no longer dead, but alive! As He met her face to face, the first person He revealed Himself to, He gave her a new purpose for living and entrusted her with the message of hope to take back to the disciples.

As I’ve read this story and thought of Mary’s dilemma I’ve realised that so often we’re expecting God to use us in a particular way. When things don’t quite work out the way we’d hoped we become disappointed and disillusioned. We feel we’ve missed it, we’re too late, we’re no use any more, we’ve no more purpose for living, no dreams and no vision. But God has a plan for our lives that’s far greater than we can even think or imagine. As we turn and meet Him face to face, in that place of intimacy, He brings us new life, new meaning, new hope, a new spring in our step and a new excitement in our hearts. It’s never too late – we’re never too old – never too bad for God to give us a new assignment – something we never expected – something precious and special to do for Him. While we’re still alive God has something for us to do. It’s never too late.

Prayer: Father, forgive me for giving up so easily because I think I’ve missed it, that I’m too late, or that I’m on the shelf and no longer any use in your Kingdom. Forgive me, Lord, for giving up. Help me today to turn and meet You face to face, to wait on You and allow You to give me Your purpose, Your dreams for my life, and a new desire to still make a difference in Your Kingdom here on earth. Amen.

Lindsay O’Reilly has been married to Pat for 36 years and has 5 children and 5 grandchildren. She loves the Lord and has a deep desire to see people healed and restored and walking in their God-ordained destiny. Lindsay is part of the Ellel SA volunteer team where she assists in the ministry office.


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