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Seeds of the Kingdom

The Squashed Finger

by Jan Hession

The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.
James 5:11b, NIV

While staying with me some time ago, one of my granddaughters, aged four, had an accident. Her finger was caught in a door and severely squashed. We went to hospital quickly, cuddling her, with it bandaged up as much as possible, to protect it.

A delightful young doctor in A & E took enormous care with her. He chatted to her at exactly the right level for her age, so she didn’t feel patronised or pushed in any way, for at least five minutes, if not longer. He gained her trust and then very gently asked if he could see her finger. By that time, having not wanted anyone near since it had happened, she let him look and make a decision about what to do next, with her cooperation. I was so impressed. He had gained her trust and she understood that he could help.

It struck me how that young doctor behaved just as Jesus does with us. He shows gentle compassion and interest in us. When we trust Jesus, He comes near, talks to us as if we were the only person in the world, and then asks if He can go deeper. When we allow Him to help us take off the bandages to have a look, He reaches past our guards and defences to where the pain is, and then helps us give Him the hurts and fears .

I wonder if today He is showing you any ‘bandages’ that you have perhaps put on to cover a wound or hurting place inside. He doesn’t barge in and rip off the bandage, but loves to show us He is trustworthy, has time and wants a relationship with us. Then, when we feel safe, he helps us take off the bandages of fear, prickliness, deceit, anger, busyness, pride, even humour, and many other ways we try to protect ourselves from more pain. He treats us with such respect because He loves us and knows all about our wounds of life.

The doctor looked inside the bandages that had served a purpose in keeping my granddaughter’s finger protected until we reached the hospital. He decided what to do next to put the tiny finger back together, just as Jesus does with our wounds, seen and unseen.

Why not let Jesus come a little closer and listen to His voice today. Let Him help you take off your bandages that keep the pain hidden and in the darkness. Let Him shine His light in with healing and restoration.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I am aware that I try to guard things in my heart that are hurting with all sorts of behaviour and attitudes. I ask You to come and help me to trust You and let You have a look at the things which have hurt in my life and bring Your healing. Amen.

Jan Hession (formerly Penistan) has loved being on the associate ministry and teaching teams at Glyndley Manor for 20 years. After being widowed in 2001 she has recently married Colin Hession and they are living in Winchester. Jan has a son and a daughter and 7 wonderful grandchildren .


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