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Seeds of the Kingdom

Re-made - According to the Maker's Plan

by Derek Puffett

14 October 2008

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The Lord brought me forth as the first of his works…
Proverbs 8:22, NIV

We all want to be an original. Yet, as life progresses, few of us feel that we really are an original person. What we see in others always seems to be better than what we see in ourselves and we would like to be like them.

Yes, our experience of life to date and our current circumstances can play a part in how we see and think about ourselves. But God can heal the past and our circumstances can change and we can begin to see Him rebuild our lives as He intended in the first place. We have all heard the saying, “God doesn’t make junk” and He doesn’t. There’s not one of us on earth for whom God didn’t have a purpose and a mission – not one!

The loving tender care God took as He created each one of us is as if we were the first human being He created. Yes, we are an original. We are not an afterthought. We are not a mistake. We are exactly what He had in mind for us. “What about my circumstances?” Well, what about them? Have we asked God to change them? Have we done anything about them?” He helped me change mine so I know this is possible.

He changed the circumstances of His disciples. They were all involved in one thing or another trying to make a living and trying to cope with life. Obedience to just three little words changed their lives forever. “Come, follow me!” Jesus came to give us back our life so we could fulfil its purpose. We are more than a number or a waste of space. Can you imagine it? ‘The Lord brought me forth as the first of his works!’ We are an original in God’s eyes. In verse 32 to 35 of Proverbs 8, God speaks to us as sons and daughters and encourages us to listen to him, to keep His ways and not the ways of the world around us. The reward for our persistence and tenacity is God's blessing and favour on our life.

Prayer: Lord, help me to look at myself as an original, as the first of your works. I am sorry Lord for seeing myself as different from what you purposed. Help me always to seek Your will and to allow you to change the circumstances of my life so I can be what you made me to be. Thank You Jesus.

Derek Puffett is the Regional Director of Ellel Ministries, Africa. He was a Pastor for 12 years before joining Ellel in 2000. In 1986 he and his wife Beryl pioneered and established Telefriend, now under the management of Ellel. Telefriend is a South African National Christian telephone care line with an evangelistic emphasis.


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