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Seeds of the Kingdom

Pressing through

by Angela Weir

Then Elijah said to Elisha, “Stay here, please, for the Lord has sent me on to Bethel.” But Elisha said, “As the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, I will not leave you!” So they went down to Bethel.
2 Kings 2: 2, NKJ

Elijah has called Elisha to become prophet in his place as he knows he is soon going to be called home to the Lord, and he wants to test his faithfulness. Three times he tells Elisha to stay where he was for the Lord had sent him (Elijah) on to Bethel, Jericho and Jordan (2 Kings 2: 2, 4 & 6). Each time Elisha says, “I will not leave you,” proving to Elijah that he is indeed faithful and will continue with the work that Elijah had been doing.

I wonder if I am speaking to someone today who is feeling discouraged? You know that you have been called by the Lord for a particular purpose and may even have embarked on whatever it is, but there have been setbacks and difficulties. It may just be that the Lord is testing your faithfulness. Are you really prepared to press through, determined to carry on with what God has called you to?

{As I am writing this I realise that I am feeling rather like this myself: it has been really hard to gather together a cast to perform Mark’s Gospel – see my earlier Seed – but I know that it is of God, and I am pressing through, even though I know I may not have a full cast together for rehearsals for weeks to come! I have at least got enough people to cover all the different roles now, which is a great relief, and, I believe, a sign that God wants me to press through).

Elisha faithfully stuck to Elijah’s heels and followed him over many miles until he finally saw him caught up in the chariot of fire, and the whirlwind took him away. He tore his own clothing as a sign of mourning, possibly also as a sign that he was leaving his old life, then took up Elijah’s mantle and immediately was able to perform the same miracle that Elijah recently had, by parting the waters of the River Jordan.

God needs to know that we are truly committed to Him and the calling He has placed on our lives, and we may find ourselves being challenged and even have obstacles put in our way, but I believe that God wants us to press through and continue faithfully the task to which He has called us.

Prayer: Dearest Father, I am feeling so discouraged today. I thought I was really doing the things You wanted me to do, but there seem to be so many difficulties. Please help me to stick to the task in hand and help me to know that I am doing what You have called me to, in Jesus’ precious name I ask it, Amen.

Angela Weir has been associated with Ellel Ministries from the very beginning, first as an associate member of the ministry team and later as an associate teacher. She trained as an actress before moving to Cumbria, where she taught drama in a girls’ school. She now teaches and ministers at various Ellel Centres.


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