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Seeds of the Kingdom

Obedient Faith

by Margaret Silvester

It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going.
Hebrews 11:8, NLB

Abraham stands out as someone who truly knew and obeyed God. There were three major meeting points in his life that proved to be turning points in his walk with God and the growth of his faith.

Firstly, Abraham believed that God would guide him. In faith he obeyed God’s command. He set out on a journey without knowing where he was going. God said, ‘Go,’ and Abraham went. Because he obeyed God’s command he received God’s promise, ‘I will make you a great nation and I will bless you’ (Genesis 12:2). Not many of us are called to take such great leaps of faith, but we’re all called to take steps of faith as we journey through life, trusting God and obeying Him in ordinary things.

Secondly, Abraham believed that God keeps His promises. When he was an old man, and it was humanly impossible for Sarah his wife to bear a child, God worked a miracle for them and Isaac was born. The miracle came about because Abraham believed the promise. God doesn’t grant us our every wish, but sometimes He does give us a conviction deep down in our heart that He will do something that’s humanly impossible. He’s the God of the supernatural.

Thirdly, Abraham proved that God was first in his life. When his faith was tested to the ultimate, when it seemed that God was even going back on His word, Abraham obeyed. He offered his only son, Isaac, as a sacrifice (Hebrews 11:17). In the most extreme of circumstances he still continued to believe the promise that his descendants would be born through Isaac. Abraham’s faith was unlimited, because he believed that God’s power was unlimited.

Abraham is called the spiritual father of all who have faith (Romans 4:11 NLB). We may think that men and women of faith who obey God with uncalculated obedience are extra-ordinary. They are in fact ordinary people; people just like us, with unshakeable faith in an extra-ordinary God. They are examples for us to follow. Obedient faith is not blind faith. It’s simple trust in the God who calls ordinary people into His eternal purposes.

Is there a step of obedience that you should take today, trusting the Lord?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You that You are true to all Your promises and that You are One who speaks to Your children. Help me to listen to what You have to say. Please increase my faith. Teach me to live my life in obedience to Your word without counting the cost. I bring my prayer through the name of Jesus. Amen.

Margaret Silvester had a career as a teacher prior to being called into full time Christian Ministry with her husband, David, in 1986. They were involved in establishing a Healing Ministry in the local church and Margaret has a passion to see lost and wounded people found and restored. She and her husband joined the Ellel Ministries teaching and ministry team in 2000 after a clear call from God. Margaret`s book "Stepping Stones to the Father Heart of God" has recently been published.


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