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Seeds of the Kingdom

Knowing Him

by Rosalinde Joosten

30 November 2012

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How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more than the sand; when I awake, I am still with You.
Psalm 139: 17-18, NKJV

Recently I was asked to travel to my home country for work, which provided me with an unexpected and welcome opportunity to see my parents. I knew that as soon as they knew I was coming, my dad would offer to pick me up at the airport. He offered straight away. I also knew that he would be very likely to offer to be my ‘personal chauffeur’ for the duration of the visit. He suggested precisely that, in his usual joking, funny and casual way; ‘in case I needed transport’. Therefore I also knew that he would offer to take me to the door of my onward travel, which he did. I could rely on my understanding of him, and his love for me and his generous heart to help.

You see, I know my dad; I am familiar with his ways. I know that if he can help, he always will, and very gladly. I am familiar with his habits, quirkiness, adventurous nature, jokes and hugs. I know his smile and that mischievous look in his eyes. I know some of his likes and dislikes. That is because we relate, we have spent time together from the moment I was born. Of course I cannot read his mind, but I know his heart.

Can I say the same about my heavenly Dad? Am I resting in the knowledge that He knew me before I was born? Do I know what makes Him smile, or what grieves Him? Do I know His embrace, comfort and care? How do I relate to Him? Do I make time to sit with Him to hear His heart and opinion about situations I face, or do I assume he agrees with my views? Am I familiar with His sense of humour? Am I making time to listen to Him and learn from Him? Am I aware of His smile when I just am, and don’t ‘do’? Do I really understand His heart for me as well as the person next to me?

The psalmist tells us here that God has many thoughts, countless numbers of thoughts, and God’s thoughts are precious to him. It sounds like he really made time to hear God’s heart and began to know God, and it was most definitely worth it! His life was deeply enriched because he had understanding of God’s heart, and was able to base his life’s decisions on that precious knowledge.

How about you and me? Has God shared some of His precious thoughts with you? Would you and I be willing to make time today to relate to God to hear His heart and really know even just one of His precious thoughts?

Prayer: Thank You, heavenly Father, that because of the completed work of Jesus on the cross, my relationship with You is restored. Help me to better understand Your heart, Your thoughts and Your views. Teach me to relate to You in the way You intended so that I may know You a little bit better each day. Amen.

Rosalinde Joosten Rosalinde is from the Netherlands and joined Ellel Ministries in 2004 after completing three stages of NETS. She is now part of the Head Office Leadership Team based at Ellel Grange with a remit focussing on the international work of the ministry.


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