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Seeds of the Kingdom

Just One Thing

by Peter Brokaar

Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.
Psalm 139:24, NIV

One energetic morning I decided to get up early to bake bread. I zealously attacked this endeavour and made sure that I kneaded the dough properly for almost ten minutes. Feeling rather satisfied, I put it to the side to rise and started clearing the counter, only to discover an unused sachet of yeast! It’s obviously not much good trying to bake the bread without it. I was, of course, a bit frustrated. Then I thought I heard the Lord whisper to me: “Just one thing”. I pondered how one tiny thing could have such an impact on the larger whole.

Later that day I was mowing the lawns in the Blairmore garden. We had newly rented a mower and it was working OK, until it suddenly stopped moving. It was stuck in the bottom of the garden and my fear was that I had broken it. I asked my colleague Johann to help and he was able to tell me that everything was fine except one thing- a belt had come off and it needed putting back on. Again that whisper came to me: “Just one thing”.

Since then God helped me with re-aligning one (seemingly) small thing in my life and it has made an enormous difference.! Thank You, Lord! He certainly got my attention in a very effective way.

Could it be that for you too there is that ‘just one thing’ which the Lord wants to address? Something out of order, which is preventing the whole of your being from functioning as it should? A small thing which, when brought into line, would have the power to transform your entire life?

Could there be a sin which is hindering your relationship with God? Or a place of wounding which has been shielded from Him? Might there be a step of faith that you might need to take?

I do not wish to advocate an overly simplistic approach to healing, filled with false promises which suggest that one step would fix all your problems. Of course we are all wonderfully complex beings (an intricate unity, as Job 10:8 says) and the healing journey can be a long and arduous one. Yet, I think it is worth it to ask the Lord: Is there one (perhaps little) thing that You want to sort out today?

Prayer: Lord, if there is one thing which robs me from the life that You want to give, would You please to show me? In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Peter Brokaar is Director of Ellel Ministries Scotland and has been there together with his wife Liz since 2005. They have 3 kids, all born in Scotland! In his free time he likes reading, cooking, running and surfing. Being at Ellel Scotland has given him the privilege of getting to know God deeper and sharing that joy with many others.


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