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Seeds of the Kingdom

It`s never too late

by Richard Fila

How good and pleasant it is when God`s people live together in unity! For there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.
Psalm 133:1, GNB

Life has many challenges - none more so than in the area of relationships. Parents, children, colleagues, and friends - we all interact in countless relationships every day. Sometimes these relationships can go wrong - disagreements, misunderstandings, circumstances, other people`s actions - countless things can go wrong. The enemy loves problems in relationships, so he can divide and destroy. In doing so he`s able to cause deep pain in the people directly involved and often many others close to them. Every broken relationship is a win for the kingdom of darkness.

It`s a key area for us as Christians. We need to be on guard because we need to protect our relationships. They`re precious. We must keep them pure and abounding in love. We must have a readiness to humble ourselves for the sake of the relationship.

With regard to past relationships I believe the heart and message of the Lord is `it`s never too late`. It`s never too late to repair or restore a relationship. Maybe we have un-dealt with issues in our relationships. But whether the relationship is ongoing, or broken and abandoned, it`s never too late. The Lord can lead and guide our heart to where we need to bring unity in relationships in our life and, as the scriptural promise says, our actions will command a blessing.

Prayer: Father God, thank You for the relationships You`ve given me in my life and for all the joy they`ve brought me. I want to be right before You about any broken relationships in my life. Please show me anywhere where I am causing disunity by action, or inaction, and give me the love and courage I need to make good on these relationships. Lead me and guide me I pray, in Jesus` name, Amen.

Richard Fila first came to know Ellel Ministries at Ellel Grange in 2006 and went on to attend the NETS programme at Ellel Pierrepont. He works in IT & Finance and continues to be involved with the ministry in the areas of technology and worship.


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