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Seeds of the Kingdom

In the Eye of the Storm

by Andreas Hefti

Oh Lord, my heart is not proud, nor my eyes lofty, nor have I walked in great things, nor in things too wondrous for me. Surely I have quieted my soul, as one weaned by its mother. Israel, hope in the Lord from this moment and forever.
Psalm 131:1-3, MKJV

It’s a beautiful picture King David is describing in this Psalm. It’s the picture of a baby who’s just been breast-fed and is falling asleep, safe and sound in its mother’s arms, fully satisfied and at peace. The place David describes here is a place he must have found for himself. It’s a place of safety, protection, comfort, rest and security in the presence of God. It’s a place where even the enemy doesn’t dare to come any closer. Sometimes you can observe mums or dads holding their little ones gently in their arms. There they’re often deeply asleep and at rest, no matter what’s going on around them. Often you think that the world could crash around them and they’d still continue to sleep in peace, as if to say: “Mum and dad have it fully under control!”

If we think of David, he had anything but an easy life. He didn’t have the best start in life. It’s possible he was conceived out of wedlock (Psalm 51 & Psalm 69). He was isolated from his family tending his father’s flock in the wilderness. After he was anointed new king of Israel he didn’t sit on the throne the next day. On the contrary, he was persecuted for many years, fleeing for his very life and living in desert places. Once he sat on the throne, things didn’t seem to get easier. He constantly had to fight and defend his kingdom against the enemy from without, but he had enemies from within. Imagine one of your children plotting a scheme behind your back to kill you. On top of all this, we can add his own failure and sin he fell into. And yet God never gave up on him. In fact, the Bible calls him ‘a man after God’s own Heart’, even though he was anything but perfect. So, there must be another secret. And this was his intimate relationship with his God. This was always the most important thing for David. This was the reason why he prevailed and came through, against all the odds.

I often think that, if it was possible for a man like David with an utterly challenging life to find that place of safety and security in the presence of God, it must be possible for us too. And remember, David lived under the Old Covenant, whereas we live under the New Covenant. Where did David grow into that intimate place with his God. Probably not when he was walking in the sunshine with the blessings pouring down, everything going well and the enemy miles away. No, it was probably more in the desert places, in the dark valleys, when the enemy was after him, when he desperately needed God’s grace and mercy and when he was utterly dependent on Him.

You might wonder about the title of this devotional. The eye of the storm is often at the centre of a devastating hurricane. However, at the centre of such a storm it can be completely calm. I believe that our Heavenly Father has a place like that for us, in His presence. No matter what’s coming our way, no matter what the challenges are from without and within, no matter what storms arise in our lives, God’s always bigger and able to rescue us and protect us. He’s God almighty, all-knowing, and everywhere at any time. He’s more than able, and, if He’s for us, who or what could be against us! (Romans 8:31-32).

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to trust You with Your plans and ways for my life. I want to trust You more and more with the seemingly impossible situations or circumstances in my life. Thank you, Father, that You have a place of safety and security in Your very presence. Please, Father, draw me again and again into that place of security in Your presence. In the name of Your precious son Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Andreas Hefti Andreas and Ria Hefti have been involved with Ellel Ministries for many years and for a number of years they have been leading the Ellel work in Germany. It is their hearts to see believers and the Body of Jesus grow into their full potential and into a deeper love relationship with their Creator.


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