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Seeds of the Kingdom

In Over Your Head

by Kent Bandy

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by his own glory and goodness.
2 Peter 1:3, CSB

Have you ever found yourself ‘in over your head?’ While this term is most often used to refer to swimming in water that is deeper than your height, it’s a saying that applies on dry land too.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in situations where we don’t have what it takes. You know, those times when God’s call is bigger than our own ‘abilities’ to love our spouse, our neighbour, or our enemy. How about when the wisdom that’s needed for the decision in front of us is bigger than that which we have on our own? What about times when we’re called to speak, but we don’t have the courage or the words? How about those times when we suffer, but our ability to go it alone isn’t enough to pull us through? We just don’t have what it takes to do it alone.

In this letter, Peter tells the believers that God has given us the resources we need to live for His glory. He goes on to encourage them to continue adding godly virtues to the ones they have, in order to continue growing in Christ. That, he says, will ‘keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of Jesus Christ’. That last phrase ‘in your knowledge of Jesus Christ’ is both the key to heaven’s resources and the point of asking. We have access to God’s resources through Jesus, but our knowledge of Him is the conduit. As we ask and receive, it also helps us know Him more. So, He’s the source of heaven’s resources, the means of accessing them, and the one who gets the glory when we live godly lives, even when we are ‘in over our heads’.

I often encourage our team to ask the Lord for what they need. When they don’t have what they need in terms of money and resources, volunteers and man-power, solutions to problems, break-downs to fix, strength for the task at hand, words to speak, direction in ministry, grace, mercy, forgiveness - basically everything they need for life in Christ. I encourage them to ask the Lord. When they do, He comes through. The results are incredible. Their confidence grows, and God gets the glory.

So, what would it look like for you, in those moments when you are ‘in over your head’, to ask for God for His resources? When you have a decision to make in your workplace, and it could affect many lives, could you ask God for His wisdom, His direction, and His Will? Could you also ask for courage to ask for help, and the ability to work with others who’re different, but essential for victory to take place? In those times when your marriage is in a building season, can you ask Him for the ability to hold your tongue, love deeply, and to forgive thoroughly? What about when you’re hurt, and you’re tempted to lick your wounds in self-pity, does He have resources for you to overcome? Absolutely!

Whatever we need, we can ask Him. We were never called to live the Christian life on our own resources. We only do that when we forget who we are. We’re called to put our whole heart into it, so that Holy Spirit can do through us what we could never do on our own. That’s why `in over our heads` is an opportunity for God to do something amazing and get the glory!

If you’re in over your head - deeper than your own ability, is it time to ask for God’s resources?

Prayer: Father in Heaven, forgive me for trying to do this in my own strength. What was I thinking? I can’t do this alone. I’m in over my head. I need You. I need Your resources today and in this season. I’m asking for Your wisdom, Your strength, Your perseverance, Your courage, and everything I need to do this for You. Thank You that You’ve given me access to everything I need for life and godliness. I want this to turn out in a way that brings You glory. Help me serve You in that way. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Kent Bandy is the director of Ellel Ministries Canada, Ontario. A degree in theology led to full-time pastoral ministry in 1994, but there he discovered that God’s people were desperately struggling and he couldn’t help them and he began to cry out to the Lord for real keys to help real people. After an Ellel conference in 1998 and a modular school at his church in 2001, his life began to change. In 2005 he and his wife Karen spoke out what God had put in their hearts regarding establishing a place for healing and restoration, they then took part in NETS training and Kent and Karen joined Ellel Ministries and took on the leadership of Ellel Ministries Canada, Ontario.


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