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Seeds of the Kingdom

Hearing the Voice of God

by Jill Southern

2 February 2015

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My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.
John 10:47, NIV

Is it possible to hear the voice of God? God wants us to listen to His voice. He created us for that purpose. So the real question is - is it possible to learn how to reliably recognise God`s voice when we need to hear it? In my own walk the most profound times that I`ve heard God speak haven`t been when I`ve said "Oh God, please speak". It`s happened when I least expected it! Like God we`re spiritual beings and we`re created for communion and communication with Him.

God can communicate with us through various ways. He can do so through our human conscience. This is a God-given part in our spirit to alert us when we`re about to do something wrong. Then there`s our sense of awe at the created world – God can speak through creation. How many times do we look at a rainbow or a mountain on the horizon and think – Oh wow! Our amazing God created that! Of course, our spirit can respond to God’s spirit. Communication with God sits In our human spirit. It`s how we hear and speak to God. And He can direct our thoughts and use our minds.

Then there`s the witness of the Holy Spirit. This is when our spirit connects with the Spirit of God, giving us peace in the midst of turmoil. He can speak to us through people. God can use anyone to speak to us, and that person doesn`t even have to be a believer.

He can also reach us through the gifts of the Holy Spirit – the interpretation of tongues, words of knowledge, discernment, prophecy, and through dreams and visions. Sometimes we can have a spiritual dream when God`s telling us about the future. God can also talk to us through visions. For example, I saw the vision of the globe rolling up the driveway at Pierrepont while we were checking this place out, when it was up for sale.

But the Scripture is one of the most important ways God will speak to us. Have you had the experience when a verse jumps out of the page? The Holy Spirit will connect with our spirit to communicate truth to us through the Word of God, and will also reveal Jesus to us.

When God speaks to us through any of these ways, we will need to learn to listen. The Holy Spirit will guide us and help us to weigh, test, measure and will confirm that what we`re hearing is of God. James said that we should be quick to listen, and slow to speak... not just merely listen to the word, and so deceive ourselves, but to do what it says.

Let`s realise that He wants to have conversations with us that lead us into an intimate relationship. We`re made not just to hear His voice, but have our living, moving and being in His love. He sent Jesus to reconcile us to Himself, and to enjoy intimacy with Him as God our Father.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank You so much that You love us so much, and that Your heart is for us to connect with You through Jesus. Help us by the power of Your Spirit to realise that we`ve been specially created to be in union with You, to be completely connected to You and dependent on You. Teach us to discern, hear and follow Your voice, and to give You space to speak to us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Jill Southern is the founder of Ellel Ministries Pierrepont and directed the work for 21 years. She has recently stood down from that role but still teaches on the NETS programme and has the passion to train and equip God`s people to fully walk in their destiny and calling. She is the Regional Director for Ellel Ministries International in South East Asia and China and is also on the Executive Leadership of the ministry.


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