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Seeds of the Kingdom

God Will Have His Way

by Denise Cross

5 December 2015

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I am God and always will be. No one can escape from my power; no one can change what I do.
Isaiah 43:13, GNB

The news recently has been very depressing. I seem to be constantly asking myself “how can people do that?” Daily we hear about con-men who have defrauded pensioners of their life savings, unprovoked violence, abuse of vulnerable people, or even hatred and murder, as demonstrated in those dreadful attacks in France during November. Darkness seems to be the atmosphere around our everyday lives, and we can so easily become disheartened about the state of the world.

We live in evil days. However, those of us who have become ‘children of Light’, through the sacrificial generosity of Jesus, are, in truth, citizens of another culture, so we are, and should be, distressed by what happens around us. We are, at present, refugees, displaced from our true homeland and trying to manage our lives, desiring a culture of truth and love, but living in this alien land of lies and violence. No wonder we sometimes lose heart, and even wonder if God is still in charge.

It was with these negative thoughts echoing in my heart one morning that I read this inspiring verse in Isaiah 43. Immediately the words shone a bright light of hope into the gloom. God answered my unspoken doubt and refocussed me. He is in charge, and nothing, even what seems so evil, is unnoticed by Him. What is more, however it may seem to us on earth, nothing will ever get in the way of His plans and purposes. Alleluia, He is Lord of all and is working His purposes out ‘as year succeeds to year’, as the old hymn states it.

So, if you are feeling pressed down by the all-pervasive news of evil happenings in the world today, encourage yourself by mulling on this wonderful truth. Here it is again with two other verses to make sure we really get it clear: ‘I am God and always will be. No one can escape from my power; no one can change what I do’ (Isaiah 43:13).

The Lord Almighty has sworn an oath: ‘What I have planned will happen. What I have determined to do will be done’ (Isaiah 14:24). ‘He never changes. No one can oppose Him or stop Him doing what He wants to do’ (Job 23:13).

Prayer: Father God, thank You that You are, and always will be, in ultimate control over all things. I confess that often I get disheartened when it seems that evil triumphs over righteousness and justice in this world. Forgive me that, in my humanity, I can be distracted from the knowledge that You are working Your purposes out, even when I can’t grasp or understand what You are doing. Today I chose to hold on to the truth of scripture that You will bring Your plans to fruition and nothing will stop You. I pray this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Denise Cross is married to David Cross and they have three grown up children and eight grandchildren. Denise was previously a Maths teacher and now delights to teach the Lord’s wonderfully logical truth. Her passion is to stir the hearts of passive believers to appropriate all the benefits of abundant life that our Heavenly Father freely offers to each of His children. Her book Rescue from Rejection has been appreciated by many people, in bringing clear answers to this challenging and widespread issue.


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