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Seeds of the Kingdom

God Really Knows You!

by Lindsey Hanekom

You know what I am going to say even before I say it, LORD.
Psalm 139:4, NLT

On a recent visit from my mum I found myself, on several occasions, telling her exactly what my son, Kyle, was about to do. I just know how he will respond in certain circumstances. For example, I know that if I take down the biscuit tin I will very quickly hear the word, “Please.” I also know that if I turn the tap on in the bath upstairs he will run up the stairs shouting, “Bath!” and start trying to strip his clothes off. The list could go on and on. Such knowledge is only available because I am constantly with Kyle. I watch him in every situation, for both my enjoyment and to ensure his safety.

It reminded me of this verse of Scripture. God knows us so well that He knows exactly how we will respond in any given situation. He isn’t dictating to us what to say or do but He simply knows us and therefore He knows how we will react to every circumstance of life.

God not only watch us to ensure we’re safe; He actually enjoys watching His children as they go through life. Just as I smile with a knowing smile when Kyle behaves in certain ways, God must look at us with a smile as well. He loves knowing us, He loves watching us as we go through our daily lives and He loves us unfailingly, even when He knows we’re going to do something wrong.

As much as I know my son, God knows each one of us infinitely more. He knows every move we’re about to make and every word we’re about to speak. God knows us so thoroughly that it’s impossible to hide from Him, as it says in verse 12 of this Psalm.

As much as we would like to think we are unpredictable and that we can hide our behaviour from God, we can’t. There is such freedom in knowing this truth; knowing that no matter what we think, do or say, God knows us and still loves us unfailingly.

Prayer: Father God, You know me completely, without exception. Help me to rest and find freedom in knowing that You love me unfailingly even though nothing is hidden from You. Amen.

Lindsey Hanekom Lindsey has worked at all of our UK centres over the years and has settled at Ellel Scotland with her husband, Johann and their two young children, Kyle and Zoe. As part of the Leadership Team at Ellel Scotland, Lindsey has a heart for the deeply broken as she oversees the prayer ministry and is an established and passionate teacher with Ellel. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys the natural world, particularly the ocean, and is trained as a specialist medic to assist stranded and injured marine mammals.


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