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Seeds of the Kingdom

Give Up Your Grudges

by Jill Southern

Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
Colossians 3:13, NIV

In Ellel Ministries, we teach a lot on the need to forgive, but do we still bear grudges? Today this scripture is challenging us directly and personally to give up our grudges.

What is a grudge? It’s a deep, ongoing resentment we cultivate in our hearts against someone else. It’s an unforgiving spirit, and it causes us to make a judgement. This leads to us having bitterness in our attitudes and actions. Harbouring a grudge is about nursing a dislike for someone.

How do you really feel about that person who’s hurt you so badly? Do you think you can forgive what they did to you, but you still hold on to a grudge against the person? Think about how you speak about them. You might say you’ve forgiven them, but then out of our mouth comes a whole string of judgements against that person.

What we need to know is that grudges are dangerous, because they’re destructive. They break up families, destroy friendships and split churches and ministries. Let’s be honest enough to admit that one of the scandals in the body of Christ is that born-again believers hold grudges against one another.

If you know you’re holding a grudge against someone, then the word of the Lord to you today is, “Give it up”. We need to be reminded that grudges are not just destructive to others, they’re also self-destructive. When you hold a grudge against someone else, you’ll hurt yourself too. God says, “Don’t sentence yourself to prison. Set yourself free. Give up all your grudges. Forgive all your grievances”. This means to acknowledge how wrong and painful what was done was, but to forgive the person who did it, and really let the grudge go.

How do you talk about the people who’ve wronged you? Are you speaking blessings into their lives? This is the litmus test which shows there’s no more grudge left within you. God says the deep seated resentment you still have against anyone has to go. If Christ can forgive all your sins, despite it costing Him the pain of the cross, then surely you can give up your grievances. The question is “Will you do it?”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, please help me to acknowledge any grudges I’m holding on to, and give me the strength today to let them completely go. I know this will please You, and it will let me out of the prison of deep resentment. Thank You for helping me to do this now. Amen.

Jill Southern is the founder of Ellel Ministries Pierrepont and directed the work for 21 years. She has recently stood down from that role but still teaches on the NETS programme and has the passion to train and equip God`s people to fully walk in their destiny and calling. She is the Regional Director for Ellel Ministries International in South East Asia and China and is also on the Executive Leadership of the ministry.


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