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Seeds of the Kingdom

From Darkness to Light

by Goran Andersson

20 September 2013

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And God said: “let there be light”, and there was light.
Genesis 1:3, NIV

We talk about ‘from early morning until night’, but in the Bible it’s usually the other way round. It’s from night into day - from darkness to light. Just reflect on it! There’s a different feeling about the order it comes in the Bible.

Life isn’t just putting together the big things, and once we get those in place everything is OK. No, life is organising a never ending series of minute details so that everything works well. The more details there are, the more chance there is that something may go wrong, and the more chance we may get discouraged. ‘The devil is in the details’ is a popular saying.

It’s no surprise that in this daily battle to keep all of the small things from going wrong we sometimes get disheartened. We see darkness descend over our day, and we lose the exhilarating anticipation of God’s provision and blessing.

This is when we need to receive the message God brings in His Word. In His kingdom the flow is from darkness to light, not from light to darkness! It’s expressed this way in Proverbs 4:18, ‘The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day’.

This doesn’t mean the righteous will never have any difficulties or ever meet with any adverse circumstances. But it does mean that God´s will is for darkness to turn into light, and that in everything ‘God works for the good of those who love him’ (Romans 8:28). It also means that we can be assured of the direction God leads us. We don’t need to fear He will let us down when we have a bad day or when we make slip up and make a mistake.

God´s will for you is more light! More of His presence, more of His life, and more of His Kingdom. Even if you don’t see the light right now, as clearly as you would like to, God is true to His word, and will lead you into the place of light and clarity!

The Bible starts with a creation that rises out of darkness, but it ends with a city where there’s so much light that the sun is not needed. If God can do that, surely He can change your darkness into light! Glory be to Him!

Goran Andersson , together with his wife Roswitha, worked as missionaries in Japan from 1967 – 1985. They then pastored a church before moving to Kåfalla Herrgård, Sweden where Goran became Director. They have worked with Ellel Ministries since 2004 and are now part of the team of Ellel Ministries in Sweden.


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