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Seeds of the Kingdom

Freaking Out!

by Cath Taylor

Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.
Psalm 23:4, NLT

The kids and I recently flew back to the USA from England. I’ve been on many flights over the years but this particular flight was definitely the most turbulent I’ve ever experienced. Throughout the take-off, and the moments when the stewardesses nearly fell on us (not to mention the rather disturbingly bumpy landing!), I noticed a lady, sitting just ahead of me, who was really struggling. The sheer panic was so clear in her face and as she struggled to control her breathing, my heart just really went out to her.

Flying isn’t something that makes me freak out but I know all too well that feeling of overwhelm and panic at other times of turbulence in my life. As I tried to smile and look reassuringly at this lady she turned away with embarrassment, obviously ashamed of how she was feeling as she struggled to cope with the situation.

We all react differently in these situations. Although this lady was struggling my kids were sitting there laughing at the experience of their tummies dropping! Certain buttons can be pressed in all of us causing us to feel overwhelmed or afraid. Perhaps flying isn’t something that presses your buttons but, just like me, you can think of other situations that would. Whether we hide it inside or show it all over our face and our body – to suddenly feel like life is swirling out of our control affects us all one way or another.

Many times I’ve felt life is out of control and in my own way 'freaked out', but I’ve also come to learn that turbulence isn’t necessarily bad and doesn’t have to unsettle us from all sense of security. God can and does use the unsettling to bring us closer to Him if we’ll allow Him to do so. If only we would remember that He’s always in control as we surrender our lives to Him - that nothing can separate us from His love! The key is to remember His love and to trust His presence with us! In the midst of all the swirling around of circumstances and life do we focus our energy on fixing it and rescuing ourselves, or on the One who is close beside us?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I love You and I want You to be in control of my life in every way. Lord, it’s easy to say this when life is good, but so much harder to remember when I’m in the midst of turbulence. Father, today, no matter what my circumstances, I rest in the knowledge that You are Almighty God, that You love me, and that You walk close beside me through it all. Lord, help me to remember this, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Cath Taylor is the Assistant UK National Director. She joined the Ellel Grange team back in 1992 and has served with Ellel Ministries in Australia, the USA and the UK. Cath is married to Andy and they have three sons; Jake, Ben and Isaac.


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