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Seeds of the Kingdom

Forget not All His Benefits

by Ruth Hawkey

23 February 2020

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Bless the Lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits.
Psalm 103:2, KJV

I went into town yesterday on the bus. I went on a specific errand: in fact, it was to have my glasses repaired, as I had broken them the previous evening. I decided to go by local transport and must have been on the bus no longer than five minutes before I realised I hadn’t in fact brought the said glasses.

My memory is evidently not what it used to be. I think in computer terms it is probably on overload! However, after castigating myself, I decided to carry on into town and have a coffee and do a little shopping.

That same afternoon I decided I needed to repeat the procedure, but this time with the said glasses. When I got home after two trips into town and with mended glasses, I was sitting with another cup of coffee when the phrase from the scriptures came into my mind, ‘Forget not all His benefits’.

So, I began to list some of the benefits which God has given me. The first one that came into my mind was, of course, my free bus pass, the second one was that I was fit enough to go into town twice in one day, and the third one was at least it wasn’t raining.

However, I decided that there were much more important benefits than these, for example spiritual benefits, good friends, a good church, the ability to revel in the beauty of God’s creation, freedom to worship, the desire to share the Gospel. I could go on.
I wonder what you would put on your list. It may be worth a few minutes to think about it because, after all, God has told us that we are not to forget all His benefits in order that we might praise Him.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please forgive me that sometimes I do indeed forget all the benefits which You have given me. Please help me to remember them with gratitude. And please remind me each day to remember who You are and Your graciousness towards me. Amen.
In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Ruth Hawkey has had the privilege of working alongside Ellel Ministries from the very beginning. She and her husband Joe helped to begin the work in both Glyndley Manor and Canada. She has written a number of books including Healing Emotional Wounds, Healing the Human Spirit, Generational Blessing and Generational Sin, and Praying for Children. She and her husband also helped to develop prayer ministry teams in the local church.


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