Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Seeds of the Kingdom

Focus on Jesus

by Lynda Scott

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.
Matthew 6:33, NLT

As a person who has received a miraculous major healing I want to share with you today one of the keys to receiving healing. I was talking to a lady this week who had suffered a major car accident and was going through many of the issues that I faced after I fell from a cliff in 1994. She had read my book Lynda and we identified with each other very well. As I thought about what I could say to encourage her I was later reminded by the Lord of what I am about to share with you.

When we have brokenness in our lives, whether it be in our body, soul or spirit, we can become consumed with ‘our healing’. If we get involved in a wonderful ministry like Ellel Ministries our attention can very much be drawn to ‘our healing’. But what I want to challenge you with today, if this describes you, is to change your focus. We need to make Jesus Himself the centre of our affections. When we need healing we can make our healing need the all consuming goal. Subtly we end up following Jesus for what we can get from Him. We can so easily end up in the sin of self idolatry – “it’s all about me”.

Before I was healed I was obediently and lovingly following Jesus, doing the next thing that He put on my heart. I was not looking for healing, though I clearly needed healing. I was intent on being faithful to the Lord, with my focus wholly on Him. I was intent on being used by Him to help others in the doctor’s surgery that I was working in at the time. This led me to the 1996 Health Care in Christ conference in Sydney – where I first met Peter and Fiona Horrobin. I had had my focus on Jesus and was amazed as He healed me.

As disciples of Jesus we need to put Him first, as today’s verse says. This is certainly the heart of Ellel Ministries, to train Kingdom disciples, and part of that mandate is to bring healing to those in need (Luke 9:11). When we have a need for healing Jesus indeed knows it. Bring Him your need, leave it with Him and then focus on following Him. As you draw near to Jesus and put Him first in your life, don’t be surprised when He brings you the healing you need. Sometimes the waiting may seem long, but keep on trusting Jesus. He may be in the midst of orchestrating a miracle that may bless more people than you could imagine, as indeed He did with me.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, please forgive me if I have put my own needs before loving and following You. Help me to put You first in my life in every area. I trust You with my needs, knowing You know them all. My healing is in Your hands and Your time. I want to be Your disciple today and for all of my days, seeking Your Kingdom above all else. Amen.

Lynda Scott was first introduced to Ellel Ministries at a conference led by Peter and Fiona Horrobin in 1996 when she was miraculously healed following a devastating accident. Lynda has continued her association with Ellel Ministries over the years and has recently written her story “Lynda: From Accident & Trauma to Healing & Wholeness.” She lives in Australia with her husband Leigh and 3 children, who are all at school. She works in a local health clinic, as well as helping her husband with the administration of their beef cattle farm.


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