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Seeds of the Kingdom

Everything Money Can Buy

by Margaret Davies

Teach those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money which is so unreliable. Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment.
1 Timothy 6:17, NLT

We seem to have come through a season of hurricanes, especially in the Caribbean Islands and America, and there have been many other natural disasters, such as floods in India and other places, and the Mexican earthquake. A comment I heard in an interview on the radio one morning, in the midst of all these happenings, caught my attention. It was from a resident of Dominica who said, “We’ve lost everything that money can buy”.

I suddenly thought of the verse above, ‘Teach those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money which is so unreliable. Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment’ (1 Timothy 6:17). How blessed we are that we can trust God, and no one can take away from us our salvation and our relationship with Him.

We can’t buy salvation with money. Everything else can be snatched away by circumstances and sudden disasters, as in the situation of the lady being interviewed on the radio, who lost everything that money could buy. But our relationship with the Lord is steadfast and reliable, and can’t be stolen away, even in the midst of terrible circumstances.

So, let’s continue to push into Him, especially in these days when the world’s becoming a dark place with so much evil, and horrible events are happening worldwide. Isaiah, the prophet, says, ‘Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near. Let the wicked change their ways and banish the very thought of doing wrong. Let them turn to the Lord that he may have mercy on them. Yes, turn to our God, for he will forgive generously’ (Isaiah 55:6).

So, today, don’t look to money or possessions, which are perishable goods, but look to the Lord, and ask Him to reveal Himself to you in fresh ways. None of us knows what the next day, or even hours, will bring, be it natural disasters, sudden illness, or anything else, but we do know that we have treasure that can’t be taken away from us. So, let’s press into the Lord, and keep drawing closer to Him. ‘Don't store up treasures here on earth where moths eat them and rust destroys them and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven where moths and rust cannot destroy and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is there the desires of you heart will also be’ (Matthew 6:19-21).

Prayer: Father, help us to trust in You completely for everything, so that we’ll praise and glorify Your holy name alone. Forgive us when we’ve put our hope in money or possessions. We want to say that we rely on You alone for everything. You’re our provision, as Paul says, whether we have a lot, or a little. Help us to entrust our lives afresh to You today. Amen.

Margaret Davies is married to Trevor whom she met and married in Israel where she worked in various ministries for almost 10 years. They joined Ellel Ministries in Scotland in 2002 where they served for almost 13 years, and have just recently left the full time team at Blairmore House. They are presently living in a small village in North Essex, and Margaret enjoys baking, gardening and walking.


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