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Seeds of the Kingdom

Do Not Be afraid. Only Believe.

by Pauline Turner

30 November 2020

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As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, He said to the ruler of the synagogue (Jairus) “Do not be afraid; only believe)”.
Mark 5:36, NLT

I was reading the story of Jairus’ daughter. His beloved daughter was seriously ill and ‘on the point of death’, and so he begged Jesus to come home with him and restore her to life. Jesus went with him, but, on the way, there was a delay and, as they got near the house, some people came out and said, ‘Don’t bother Jesus now. It’s too late. Your daughter is already dead’.

What a devastating word for Jairus! But Jesus replied, ‘Do not be afraid; only believe’.

As they got near the house, they heard a lot of commotion, (one version says ‘tumult’), and the noise of weeping and wailing. How like the enemy to make a lot of noise over situations that we are asking God for help in! The enemy, who loves to create ‘tumult’ in our hearts, says, ‘Don’t bother God now. There’s no hope in that situation’. Or he may say, ‘ it’s too late for change. You’ve been this way too long. Just give up!’

But Jesus had spoken. He’d said, ‘Don’t be afraid - only believe’. Maybe there’s a situation in your life where you are looking to Jesus to bring restoration and healing. You may even have had His promise of life that will be restored. Or perhaps you have given up believing that Jesus wants to help and you have accepted the enemy’s lies that it’s an impossible situation. Jesus, however, ignoring all the tumult and taunts of those who were broadcasting death, went straight into the house and restored life to the child saying only two words, ´Talitha cum’ (Little girl, arise!´) Two words - and life and joy were restored in that house!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, what a difference Your presence made in that household, where there was much noise of fear and death. Please come into my situation, speak the words I need to hear, and bring life out of death, in Jesus’ name. I choose to trust You today. Amen.

Pauline Turner Pauline did the modular school at Glyndley manor and received a lot of healing in her life. Since then she has been on the associate team and has grown in her experience of trusting God and seeing Him work in peoples’ lives to bring truth, restoration and healing.


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