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Seeds of the Kingdom

Disorder to Order

by Jim Person

The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
Genesis 1:2, NKJV

In the beginning the earth was ‘formless and without order’. Recently, my wife and I had a conversation about how this world is full of disorder, and how God uses people who are in submission to Him to bring order. From that conversation, and an article I recently read from a friend, I began to think about God and His desire to bring order out of disorder.

Our verse for today tells us that what we now know as earth was once in unordered disarray. There was no separation of the heavens from the waters or land, and all was dark.

There are times in our lives that may seem like this; nothing to show you your next step; empty of available building blocks, empty of options, lack of assets and a whole lot of nothing. You see nothing to build with, just a lot of little bits of pain, like the grains of sand on the beach, and vast chasms of disappointment, hardship, and broken dreams. You can’t find anything to take hold of, no GPS for direction, just a deep, dark empty pit.

Then comes the next part of the verse, ‘And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters’. God wants to move upon the disorder of your life! He’s committed to bringing total wholeness to your being, not just to the surface (1 Thessalonians 5:23). He’s faithful to complete the process needed to accomplish every little detail (verse 24). Starting in Genesis 1:3, He called forth the light from the darkness, and heavens from the waters, and then separated the land from the water. He didn’t leave it a muddy mess either, but made it ‘dry land’. He spoke life into the ‘dry land’; giving it everything needed to continually sustain life. God created all of this out of the disorder that was. Don’t you think He can do it with your situation?

Will you ask the Spirit of God to move upon the disorder of your life? Will you choose to allow Him to bring forth order, and the life that He wants for you? God wants you to be complete in Him, by separating you from the muddy messes of your life. When God does this, you’ll be able to stand on the rock of His foundation, and turn your chaos into a purposeful life.

Prayer: My Father, I surrender my situation into Your capable hands. Take the disorder of my life and bring forth life and order again. Separate out the muddy mess that I’ve made it to be, and make me whole in my body, soul, and spirit. Help me to make You Lord of all, and bring the nothing in my life into substance. Let it not be chaotic any more, as I walk into the plan You have for me. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

Jim Person Jim grew up in Alaska and from a small child commercial fished every summer with his family. God called him, his wife Tanya, and their four children to move to Hungary as missionaries in 2003. God then led him to join Ellel Ministries in 2005. After serving in various positions with Ellel in Central and Eastern Europe, God led them back to the United States, where he is now serving with the Ellel USA team. Jim and Tanya have a passion to see leaders restored, the church discipled and walking in God’s fullness of life and freedom. They also love mentoring the existing and developing Ellel teams wherever God leads them. Jim also has a real gift for working with the land to create a beautiful and welcoming environment.


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