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Seeds of the Kingdom

Cleaning Out

by Angela Weir

When the unclean spirit has gone out of a man it roams through dry places in search of rest, but does not find any. Then it says I will go back to my house from which I came out. And when it arrives, it finds the place unoccupied, swept, put in order, and decorated. Then it goes and brings with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and make their home there. And the last condition of that man becomes worse than the first.
Matthew 12:43-45,  Amp

The house selling business goes on – and on! I had a chance to sell recently but wasn’t offered what I considered to be a fair price, particularly as the would-be buyers seemed to be planning on completely re-configuring the house.

However, in anticipation of an eventual sale, I have continued with the clearing out process, and recently one of my daughters came to give me a hand with two major areas: the attic and the tool-shed. After 31 years in the same house both were badly in need of sorting, although half-jobs had been done over the years. All the garden tools came out, and we swept the shed totally clean, in the process removing several birds’ nests which appeared to be old ones, and replaced the things I want to keep. I went to fetch some garden tools the other day, only to find that a nest had been rebuilt! We had left the window open and quite obviously the robin had decided that we had done a good job and the beautifully cleared shelf was exactly what was needed for this year’s family! Needless to say, she will stay there with my blessing, and I have put a notice on the door to remind myself to tread quietly and not disturb too much while she sits on her three precious eggs.

I was reminded how important it is to close all the entry points when we are ministering to those who have had demonic squatters. By that I mean to take away their “right of return” i.e. any unrepented sin, or unforgiveness, for example. It is wonderful to see a person set free through the blood of Jesus, but if we leave any openings the enemy will want to come back. It may mean a change of life style to keep away from a particular temptation and perhaps having someone to help keep us accountable. The enemy can be very determined and unless we close the openings, he will want to come back to a nice clean house – just like the robin!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You that You totally defeated Satan on the cross so that I might be set free. I thank You for that freedom, and ask that You would protect me from the evil one. Also please remind me of any things which may need dealing with in my life, so that I may stay free. In Your precious name I ask it, Amen.

Angela Weir has been associated with Ellel Ministries from the very beginning, first as an associate member of the ministry team and later as an associate teacher. She trained as an actress before moving to Cumbria, where she taught drama in a girls’ school. She now teaches and ministers at various Ellel Centres.


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