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Seeds of the Kingdom

Choosing Truth

by Denise Cross

14 January 2013

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We put aside all secret and shameful deeds; we do not act with deceit, nor do we falsify the word of God. In the full light of truth we live in God`s sight and try to commend ourselves to everyone`s good conscience.
2 Corinthians 4:2 GNB

I’ve been thinking about truth recently. It’s a recurring theme for me, because when I first met with Jesus, on that amazing day when He first spoke into my life, one of the choices He put before me was that of ‘truth or lies’. Somehow in that moment, as I received the revelation of His great love for me, I knew that this choice was an essential part of becoming a disciple of Jesus. I knew too that it meant not just telling the truth, but living in the truth, so I could, however inadequately, manifest something of His character.

The past year, 2012, seems to have been full of news stories about those who have not lived lives of truth. Sadly not just those who are blatantly ‘of the world’, but also some who have presented themselves as being good and honourable people. In reality it has come to light that they have been living a lie. There have been deceptions and scams that have cost people their life savings, politicians that have lied to cover their misdeeds or have falsified their finances, celebrities that were in fact abusing children whilst being feted for their fundraising, vicars and even bishops that have been living double lives.

The Scripture tells us that the world is under the sway of the evil one, and in this past year it seems that the character of Satan has been ever more evident. Jesus says he is a liar and always has been (John 8:44). Those who come under Satan’s lordship, the default setting of fallen mankind (1 John5:19), will inevitably show his characteristics, and thus the world has become a place full of lies. The tragedy is that this can also affect Christians if we slip into the world’s influence and do not actively cling to being people of truth.

So what about you and me? When we look back over 2012, did we live our life in truth, or have we been influenced by the ruler of this world? Have we have slipped into living a lie or into telling lies? Perhaps it was a lie to cover our sin, or we exaggerated to cover our inadequacies, or we told a few ‘little white lies’. If we have, then we have given Satan more authority in our lives, as we chose his way not the way of Jesus.

As we start 2013, those of us who want to recommit our lives to Jesus, need to face this choice again. We need to opt out of the world’s way (Satan’s way) and resist the temptation to slide into lies, falsehood and deception. We need to be people of another spirit; people whose truthfulness is light in the dark world. Chose today, truth or lies and set your path for a brighter 2013.

Lord it is challenging to be fully truthful in difficult circumstance but I know that if I want to live under Your Lordship I must desire to live in truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. At the start of this New Year I chose to live my life telling the truth and living in the truth. I ask that Holy Spirit would convict me when I slip into the way of lies and falsehood so I can repent and turn again to Jesus’ way, the way of truth. Amen.

Denise Cross is married to David Cross and they have three grown up children and eight grandchildren. Denise was previously a Maths teacher and now delights to teach the Lord’s wonderfully logical truth. Her passion is to stir the hearts of passive believers to appropriate all the benefits of abundant life that our Heavenly Father freely offers to each of His children. Her book Rescue from Rejection has been appreciated by many people, in bringing clear answers to this challenging and widespread issue.


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