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Seeds of the Kingdom

Being Children of God

by Andrew White

6 September 2018

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But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.
John 1:12, ESV

On a recent Sunday morning in my home church, we sang that great song ‘Who you say I am’ (Hillsong Worship) including those powerful words in the chorus ‘Who the Son sets free, Oh is free indeed. I`m a child of God, Yes I am’. The second chorus adds the words ‘in my Father`s house there`s a place for me. I`m a child of God, yes I am’.

The Lord showed me that, although we’re His children, too often we approach Him as if we’re just visitors, or even behave as if strangers. The place He has for us in His house is ours now, our place in His kingdom is ours now, the place He has for us in His heart is ours now, it’s not for some time in the future when our life on this earth is ended.

This got me thinking about our relationship with our son when he visits us, compared to our relationship with a guest when they visit.

If a stranger or guest comes to our house, they may wait at the door until asked to come in, then they’ll wait in the hall until invited into another room. Depending upon their upbringing, they may then wait again until we offer them a seat, and they’ll wait until we offer them a drink.

However, when our son comes to visit, as we open the door he’ll immediately step through, give us a hug before walking straight through to the heart of the house, the kitchen, and helping himself to a drink (offering to get us one at the same time).

Though a grown man, a husband and father himself, he’s our son, and was brought up in our house, until ‘flying the nest’ years ago. As our son, he knows that he doesn’t need to be invited, he doesn’t need to wait until offered a seat or refreshment. He knows he’s welcome to come in, relax, and be loved. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Father God doesn’t want us to hold back from Him as if we’re a stranger or visitor entering someone else’s home. He wants us to know Him as our Daddy, not just know about Him as our God.

He wants us to come and help ourselves to all the promises, all the blessings, all the freedom, love, peace and joy that we should have in Him, as His children. He wants us to lay down pride and formality, surrender our self-conscious, self-protective nature, and be His children, sharing life with Him

Prayer: Father God, Daddy, forgive us when we’ve been reserved in our relationship with You. Help us to come to You as Your children without any reservation. Help us to worship and praise You with the exuberance of children. Help us to receive from You every blessing, every freedom and all the love, peace and joy you want to lavish upon us Your children. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Andrew White Having first come to Ellel Grange in 2009 seeking deep personal healing for the roots of health issues that had ended his secular career, Andrew attended the Modular school of Healing and Discipleship. He is now on the Associate Ministry and Teaching Teams at Ellel Grange. He enjoys using creativity to help people gain freedom and healing and to deepen their relationship with God.


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