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Seeds of the Kingdom

An Issue of Trust

by Mary-Lou Gregoire

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
Psalm 18: 2, NASB

For a little while now I`ve been thinking about the whole area of trust. Very early on my life my trust was broken, when I was given away for adoption. Actually that breaking probably happened before I was born, when my father walked away leaving my mum pregnant. Growing up I had little or no trust in life itself. I seemed to always have a plan B in every situation, so that, when I was let down, I had my own way of meeting my need.

As you might imagine it`s taken many painful years of ministry and discipleship to move from a place of total distrust to a place of being trusting. I have to confess I thought I was doing well until the other day when an area of distrust became apparent. This wasn`t a distrust involving people, but a distrust in God. It didn`t take me long to realise that I was really quite fearful of trusting God fully. Oh! I could say it with my mouth, but deep in my spirit I had a constant plan B in operation. Because it was deep in my spirit I knew that this was rooted in the broken trust of so long ago. So I began to seek the Lord and to look into His word for a way forward.

As I looked up scripture verses that talk about trust, the word `refuge` kept appearing. For example, if you look up today`s verse in the NKJV you will read `My God, my strength, in whom I will trust`. There are also several other passage where `refuge` is used instead of the word `trust`. I had never seen this before, and this new revelation changed trust from being something risky into something very safe. The word `refuge` is one which brings with it images of strength, safety, and somewhere to run when the storms of life are raging. A refuge is something we seek in times of trouble; a place of hiding when we`re afraid. It`s a place where our needs are met, and a place to rest when we`re weary. But perhaps, above all, it`s a place of protection. This is a vastly different picture of trust than the one I had before.

I wonder what trust means to you? Is it something easy, or hard? Perhaps you see trust like I did, as something risky, unsafe and scary. I`m sure many of us have had our trust broken in some way or another. And out of that broken trust we`ve learnt ways of having a plan B, putting our trust only in ourselves. Maybe, like me, you`ve become safe in the unsafe place, hiding behind the shield of distrust. But maybe, just maybe, you`re willing to come out from behind that shield. The truth is that, in God, trust is a place of safety, security, protection and strength. So today let`s stop trusting in ourselves and choose to trust in God ... in all things!

Prayer: Father thank You that You`re my refuge and my very present help in times of trouble. I`m sorry that I`ve put my trust in myself and not In You, and that I`ve found my own ways of meeting my needs and protecting myself. Please forgive me for this. I choose today to take refuge in You, and trust You in all things. I know You`re a place of safety and protection, and You`re trustworthy. Help me, Lord, to see trust as a place of safety. In Jesus` name, Amen.

Mary-Lou Gregoire Has worked full time for Ellel Ministries at Glyndley Manor since 2011. Currently she enjoys the role of being the Ministry Manager as well as being part of the Teaching Team. Having walked a significant journey of healing from death into life her passion is to see Jesus “heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds”. In her spare time Mary-Lou enjoys Photography, growing vegetables, reading, playing the saxophone, being creative and walking with Henry her dog.


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