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Seeds of the Kingdom

Amazing God

by Dotty Cockcroft

How amazing are the deeds of the LORD! All who delight in him should ponder them. Everything he does reveals his glory and majesty. His righteousness never fails.
Psalm 111:2-3, NLT

I have always loved biology right from school days. It was one of the things that helped lead me to the Lord Jesus when, as a mature student, I started studying for A level, and discovered that the lecturers with PhDs couldn’t explain the gaps in what they call the ‘evolutionary chain’. Then I went on to do my nurse training and just loved the classes when we learned all about the human body and how it all worked.

It’s utterly amazing how the body is busy all day long keeping all the chemical balances right. An imbalance in some of these could be catastrophic to the body. Even when we treat our bodies badly, by not looking after ourselves, or eating, drinking and sleeping badly, still the body carries on doing the balancing. But eventually, of course, we’ll get a problem if we persist in an unhealthy lifestyle.

So for many years I’ve looked at God’s amazing creation in awe and wonder, and questioned how anyone could doubt that there’s a God, and how people can believe it all happened by accident.

Recently something happened to make me see this even more clearly. I had an accident and broke my leg in several places. A gifted surgeon put the bones back into the correct places, and put a plate and some screws to hold them in place. Then a plaster cast was put on to keep it all in place while it healed. The surgeon didn’t actually say, “Well now it’s over to God”. I’m not sure he knew that. But he did say “We now have to wait”.

The bones will take a certain length of time to heal, the ligaments will take a different length of time, and the soft tissue will take yet another length of time. In the meantime, I mustn’t put weight on my leg for at least six weeks, so I have to walk with crutches. It’s these crutches which have made me realise, at a new level, how amazing God is.

If we were going to build a model of some sort, which we wanted to stand up, we’d probably give it at least three legs, maybe four, or else a wide flat base. Yet God gave us only two, and we balance perfectly well on those two legs. Have you seen any of the athletes preparing for the Olympics in Rio? What some of them can achieve on two legs is amazing. I remember trying to get my doll to stand on her legs when I was a child. It was so hard. I had to get her body weight balanced exactly right. Yet we come in all shapes and sizes, and our weight varies over the years but, generally, we keep on standing and walking.

Having had one of my legs effectively removed, although only temporarily, I’ve discovered how difficult it is to balance on one leg, and how utterly impossible it is to walk on it. I can’t just replace that leg with something and carry on walking. I have to use both arms with crutches, and, even then, I’m wobbly and unstable. It’s made me appreciate again God’s amazing creation.

Let’s ponder, as today’s scripture says, on the amazing deeds of the Lord, and praise Him together for His amazing creation, and the inbuilt power in our bodies to keep us healthy, and heal us.

Prayer: Thank you, Father God, for Your amazing creation. Help us to appreciate it every day, and to co-operate with You in our process of healing and wholeness, which You want for us all. Amen.

Dotty Cockcroft is on the associate ministry and teaching teams at Glyndley Manor where she has been involved for about 20 years. She is married with 3 grown up children and 3 gorgeous grandchildren and works as a Practice Nurse. She passionately believes God wants us to move into His healing and wholeness.


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