Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Seeds of the Kingdom


by Richard Griffiths

Help me discern the way of Your precepts, so I may meditate on Your wonders.
Psalm 119:27, TLV

Years ago, we were walking in the French Alps. We had a guidebook and a map. The book described a climb that would take us up a beautiful valley and over a series of ridges to a spectacular viewpoint. We like spectacular viewpoints, so we agreed it would be worth the effort. We had to be careful to follow the route. The series of ridges was hard work. You get ‘false cols’: the ridge in front looks like the top, but when you get there, after a short dip, you have to go up again – and again! But when we got to the one that really was the top – WOW! We had a grandstand view of the three largest glaciers in the Alps. Unforgettable!

I was reminded of that when I read this verse from Psalm 119. God’s laws show us the way He wants us to go: His route. Go astray from that, and you won’t reach the destination. Like our climb that day, it’s not always easy. Sometimes you think you’ve arrived, only to find it’s a false col. And there can be unexpected dangers. But as you go, you’ll discover amazing things, God’s ‘wonders’: miracles of creation and miracles of provision.

Don’t ignore little miracles: Three people meeting to pray, all coming with the same bible verse to set the theme; a chance meeting that starts a life-changing chain of events. Things like that are ‘wonders’ just as much as a dramatic physical healing.
Or God’s faithful provision, meeting every daily need. It could be the wonders of Creation, like the amazing valley and the glaciers. Or just the first butterfly of spring. But if you’re not following God’s route, you’ll miss so much.

David asked God to help him to discern the way. On our walks in foreign countries, we sometimes needed help to find the way – waymarks aren’t always that clear, and you can miss a landmark that’s on the map. David had God’s precepts, His guidebook; but he still needed His help to discern the way. Even if it’s hard at times, when you stick to the path, it will be safe, and you’ll see wonders as you go.

Our alpine walk ended with a spectacular view. But we saw so many smaller things before we got there. Smaller, maybe, but just as amazing. All of them things to remember; or, as David says, to meditate on. As I reflect on that gorgeous walk all those years ago, I’m amazed all over again at how great God is.

Prayer: Father, You’re wonderful! I’m amazed at all You do and at all Your faithful provision. Please help me to discern the way You want me to go today, and open my eyes to see Your wonders, the little ones as much as the big ones. Amen.

Richard Griffiths When Richard retired from full-time Anglican ministry in Chichester in 2009, he and his wife, Sue, moved to Northumberland. He joined the ministry team at Ellel Grange in 2011, where he and Sue regularly ministered at healing retreats. They are now helping on the "Explore" team. They greatly enjoy walking in the beautiful Northumberland countryside and along the coast. Richard loves seeing God bringing people into a strong personal relationship with Him as their Father and the healing that comes with it.


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