Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Seeds of the Kingdom

All Things Are Possible

by Gemma Gardner

“I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!”
Mark 9:24, NLT

Just over a week ago, Dean and I ordered some bathmats online to replace our present ones, which are falling apart. The next day I was notified that the mats had been despatched and should be delivered between Tuesday and Saturday the following week. When it got to Friday, I checked on the record of my orders online and discovered, to my horror, that the parcel had been delivered to our address. But there was no parcel, and no card to indicate where it was.

To make matters worse, when Dean looked on the carrier’s website, he found that the parcel had been signed for in my name! We were both disturbed by this, and immediately Dean turned to the Lord in prayer, bringing the matter before Him and asking Him to show us what had happened. After his prayer, Dean felt a sense of peace, and knew in his heart that the Lord had heard him.

But that wasn’t the case for me. Dean had prayed for a good outcome. I couldn’t believe there would be a good outcome, except that I could learn from this experience. Apparently the parcel had been delivered at 4.18 on Thursday afternoon, and that was the time we had popped out to the park for afternoon tea and a walk for our dog.

Dean went out and spoke with our neighbours, but they hadn’t received any parcel. I continued to struggle as I waited to see what the outcome would be. Dean planned to phone the delivery service in the morning to see if the parcel could be traced.

I went to bed just after ten. Dean, meanwhile, decided to check the footage on our security camera to see if he could discover anything. He saw the delivery man with the parcel, and that he had walked further up the road past our front door, and when he returned, he wasn’t holding the parcel. Then Dean felt prompted to check our back yard. Our yard is tiny, with a wall over 7ft tall and a solid wood gate.

It was then that Dean found the parcel! The enterprising delivery driver had lowered it over the wall, and it was on our coffee table! The Lord had answered Dean’s prayer and showed him where the parcel was. We thanked Him together, Dean for answering his prayer, and, as for me, I thanked the Lord for His mercy to me despite my unbelief, and I prayed I would remember the Lord’s kindness and learn to trust Him more.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I want to thank You for Your great love and infinite patience with me, and I pray You will increase my faith and expectancy in You when I come to You in prayer. I pray now for anyone who is reading this and struggling to believe You will help them with their issues. Show them that nothing is too difficult or impossible for You to sort out. I ask this for Your glory. Amen.

Gemma Gardner lives in Norfolk with her husband, Dean, who until recently worked at Ellel Grange. They are both part of the Associate Ministry team which Gemma joined after completing the Modular school. Gemma has experienced the Lord`s healing and restoration over many years and longs to see Him healing other broken people. Gemma loves listening to music, cooking, knitting and crochet as well as outdoor exercise. She enjoys playing guitar and singing worship songs.


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