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Seeds of the Kingdom

A Son of Bathsheba

by Catherine Bariho

She said to him, “My lord, you swore to your servant by the Lord your God, saying, ‘Solomon your son shall reign after me, and he shall sit on my throne.’
1 Kings 1:17, ESV

Have you ever felt you’ve failed God completely? We know about King David’s heart, after he committed adultery with Bathsheba; we have Psalm 51 to tell us. But I sometimes wonder what Bathsheba must have felt. Had she wanted to commit adultery with David? Or was she simply a pawn, terrified to say no to a powerful king? Either way, she must have felt a deep sense of shame for the betrayal towards her husband, Uriah. And after the betrayal, Uriah’s death! Not just his death, his murder! Surely, Bathsheba must have suspected what David had done. And it wasn’t just David who suffered the consequences of their sin. Bathsheba also lost her baby son.

She must have been overwhelmed with grief and guilt. But I believe that Bathsheba found full restoration in her heart through God’s forgiveness, as evidenced by the way she appears in Scripture after this event. God chose her son to be king after David. And when the time came to fight for her son’s throne, we don’t find Bathsheba sitting in the shadows, still burdened by the label of ‘adulteress’. No, we find her filled with confidence, approaching the king and reminding him of his promise to her son.

In fact, in 1 Chronicles 3:5, we learn that Bathsheba went on to have four sons with David. Bathsheba seems to have become one of the most influential women in the palace! And God affirms Bathsheba’s restoration even more through her descendants. When we look for the genealogy of Jesus Christ, we find two different family trees. Most people believe that one genealogy is the family of Joseph, Jesus’ adoptive father and one is the family of Mary, His mother. And Bathsheba appears in both families! So whether Jesus was descended from Solomon’s line or from the line of Nathan, God chose Bathsheba as a grandmother to His Son.

Perhaps you’re feeling shame over something in your life. Maybe you were a weak person who didn’t stand your ground and say no to sin. Or maybe you were bold in your sin, like Bathsheba might have been. Either way, God’s restoration is waiting for you. His plan for your life, and the lives of your children’s children, is much bigger than you know.

Prayer: Lord God, my heart is broken over my sin. I receive Your forgiveness and ask now for Your cleansing to renew my heart and mind. I believe You’re a restoring God. I give my shame and guilt to You and I choose to follow the path You’ve planned for my life. Use me for Your glory. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Catherine Bariho Catherine served for four years in a full time prayer ministry in the United States after finishing her degree in music. In 2011 she attended the Flagship School at Ellel Grange, and then joined the NETS training programme at Ellel Pierrepont. She is now the Assistant Director, along with her husband, for Ellel Rwanda.


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