Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Seeds of the Kingdom

A Bruised Reed

by Judy Stull

A bruised reed He will not break. And smoking flax He will not quench.
Isaiah 42:3, NKJV

Mornings often find my husband and me riding our bikes. One area where we ride has a traffic arm at the exit. One day I was slow passing through and was hit on the head by this traffic arm and knocked off my bike. When I fell the right pedal dug into my ankle. The bone was not broken but badly bruised. I was immediately reminded of this scripture; ‘A bruised reed He will not break. And smoking flax He will not quench’..

Evidently a broken bone is fairly straightforward in healing. It’s put back together and, with the help of a cast, mends itself. (although I’m sure there must be exceptions to this.) However a bruised bone heals according to the ability of a body to heal, which varies from person to person. The bruised bone can take longer to heal and can be very tender for a long time.

Jesus doesn’t break ‘a bruised reed’. He knows its fragility. With the care of a nurse He brings healing to our bruised places. With gentleness He breathes His life into our wounds, bringing us to wholeness and strength.

After icing, elevating, and wrapping my ankle for the better part of three weeks it was fine. I’m back riding my bike. I will face my fear, or hesitation, of having to pass that traffic arm again. Jesus is lifting off the shock and trauma in the way only He can do. His gentle touch will repair the emotional wound, just as He repaired the physical.

Are you feeling like a bruised reed? He will be Your gentle healer, the medic of Your soul.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I thank You and praise You for the way You bring Your gentle healing to me. Thank You that Your touch comforts me and I feel Your embrace. Amen.

Judy Stull has been involved with Ellel Ministries since 2006. She is a retired school teacher and has been a minister’s wife for 40 years. Together she and her husband have one son who is married with two children. They are part of the leadership team at Ellel USA.


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