Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11



I wish to thank the entire team who supported me during the healing retreat but especially my prayer ministers, Anita, Sylvia and Johan. I do hope they will see this feedback so they can be encouraged. God moves in mysterious ways...I never appreciated this statement before now. I completed my healing retreat application back in July 2017. When I did not hear back immediately from the team I became quite distressed but God was moving. I didn't really see it then but I do now. I had to be at the right place in my Christian walk before I could attend. I had to be willing to forgive and 2.5 years ago I wasn't. I got the team I needed, right down to people who had to walk a similar walk as myself and for this reason I will never be able to thank my prayer ministers enough. I feel free, I have been sleeping better and deeper since I came. I have become more confident and I am enjoying the love of my father in heaven. I will continue to pray for this ministry and have decided to support Ellel in a small way monthly as I know you will open the door of freedom to others. Thank you.