Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
Peter's book Healing through Deliverance and a short course in Florida in early 2017 richly informed my work as a psychiatric nurse specialist and as a mother with a demonized son.... Read More...
The Facilities

The Facilities

The new building will include the following vital facilities:

  • Conference Rooms (250 seater, 60 seater and 30 seater)
  • Dining Hall (250 seater) and Kitchens
  • Healing Retreat Center (conference room for 80 and 12 private ministry rooms)
  • Creativity Center
  • Student Facilities (lounge, study, work-out room and laundry)
  • 56 twin bedrooms on the second floor
  • Bookshop & Cafe area
  • Multiple lounge and seating areas
  • Administration Offices
  • Outside decking and seating areas
  • Lakeside & woodland walking trails
"Ellel Ministries is a spiritual goldmine that provides much needed, comprehensive training and prayer ministry - they are a vital adjunct to the work of the Church. Their material and approach is biblically thorough and faithful."
David Kyle Foster (Director, Mastering Life Ministries)