Train me, God, to walk straight; then I’ll follow your true path.
Put me together, one heart and mind; then, undivided, I’ll worship in joyful fear. Psalm 86:11 (The Message)



Undivided is a Christian gap year program run by Ellel Ministries which is designed for 18-25 year olds who are passionate about Jesus, long to live for Him with an undivided heart and want to share His life-transforming love with others.




At Ellel Ministries we are committed to seeing Christians grow in their relationship with God – set free from the issues of life that hold them back and set on a course to fulfil their destiny in Him.

Undivided will give you an opportunity to experience exactly that. Living and serving at one of our centres in the UK, you will be challenged to grow closer to God so that you can live for Him with your whole heart. You will receive teaching in healing and discipleship, have opportunity to deal with some of the struggles of your own life and will also start to learn how to minister God’s healing to others – seeing first-hand how He can heal and restore.


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On Steps with Bible
Ellel Undivided Gap Year

I am loving Undivided. I am just glad that I am here! The Lord is so good and faithful, I can see how He is working in me and drawing me closer to Him.


Without exaggeration I can say that Undivided changed my life and helped to build a deeper and more vivid relationship with God.


My heart began to thirst for God more and I have begun to understand Him better. I thank God for bringing me here.


It’s a unique and very special experience surrounded by wonderful people. It’s a really great time to grow spiritually and learn more about God.


God is giving us an undivided heart for Him, and together we are UNDIVIDED.

What to expect…

Giving a year of your life to serve God means you can expect your life to be changed as a result! Each of the following experiences of Undivided will bring opportunities for God to work in your own life…

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Pierrepont Team

Serving on team

The majority of your working week will be spent serving on our team alongside an amazing group of likeminded Christians. This will mostly involve helping with the house team in creating a welcoming environment for our guests (cleaning, washing up, serving drinks, cleaning rooms, welcoming guests etc.).


There will also be opportunities throughout the year to serve in other areas of the work which all contribute towards the overall vision of the ministry. This might include the kitchen, sound desk, grounds and maintenance, reception, office work and marketing.

Kitchen working

Ellel Ministries has four centres in the UK, each unique in location, role and characteristic. Whichever centre you are allocated to, you will find a warm, friendly team to welcome you. There are many places to see during your times off, with each centre offering beautiful surroundings.

Ellel Ministries
Young Person's Team

I can say from my testimony, from what I have seen God do in my own life, I can see that He is working here, that His power and His Spirit is here.

Nicholas Martinez
Ellel Ministries
Young Person's Team

It is very awesome to have the opportunity to live this experience.

Ellel Ministries
Young Person's Team

I’ve developed in my character, confidence and faith

Personal spiritual growth

We are passionate about helping our guests grow into a deeper relationship with God, but we want this for our team too! This is how we will encourage you in this…

For one day each week there will be time set aside for those on Undivided to receive from the teaching of our popular Explore series, that for many has been life changing. This will include some teaching from Ellel leaders and also time for personal study and reflection. It will share our foundational teachings related to healing and discipleship and will look at topics like forgiveness, rejection, deliverance, inner healing, fear and anxiety, relationships and much more. Explore will broaden your spiritual horizons and help you in your own personal journey. It will also equip you with keys for praying for others.

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Every morning the team meet for devotions, to pray, share scriptures and worship together. It is an essential part of our life together as a Christian community. We regularly set aside other times of prayer, which you will be involved in, that further strengthens your relationship with God.


We will be encouraging you to do your own personal bible study and prayer each day. This is a great opportunity to journal your time on Undivided, and see your spiritual life grow in the process.

Bible Study

During your time off you are free to listen to a wide variety of Christian teaching topics on other Ellel training courses. We also have a vast library of archived audio teaching that you will have access to.


Opportunities to share and minister

The vision of Ellel Ministries is based on Luke 9:11 which says, “Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need”. As part of Undivided you will be a vital part of fulfilling this vision at one of our UK centres and we will be encouraging you to step out in ministry. These unique opportunities will be available…

You will be encouraged to lead some of the team devotional times – sharing a message God puts on your heart.


For those who would like to, you will be given the chance to share a short devotional for the guests who come to our centres on a Healing Retreat. This will be a 5-minute talk focused on a specific scripture that you will pick. You will then pray for the guests and hand over for worship.

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You may be encouraged to be part of the hosting team on some events – supporting the teacher by being available during teaching and mingling with guests, fielding practical questions they may have. This will also involve giving out notices and starting the meeting off with a word of prayer.


You will have an opportunity to either be part of our Prayer Ministry Team on a Healing Retreat working alongside two of our experienced prayer ministry team or being part of the prayer team for the Retreat.

You may also have opportunities to pray alongside our more experienced ministry team on a variety of events.

There will also be times you can pray for others going through Undivided with you. At the end of the EXPLORE training you will be encouraged to do this under the supervision of trained Ministry Team.

Reading Bible

You will be allocated a mentor from within our full-time team. They will meet with you at least once a fortnight to encourage you in your own personal walk with the Lord.

Every member of our team is given an opportunity for personal prayer for themselves. We will organise a personal Healing Retreat for you. This is your opportunity to share whatever you would like and receive prayer.


Fun and Friendships

Undivided isn’t all work and spiritual learning, there is plenty of time for fun and enjoying community life together! It is such an opportunity to form deep friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. To be with like-minded young men and women, and the wider team, you will have so many opportunities for fun, social events and trips out. Whether you like football, crafts, pool, table tennis, walking, drinking coffee or keeping fit, there is always something going on!

Undivided is an amazing opportunity to discover what it means to live as the family of God with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds – but all moving forward in one vision and one heart to serve God and His Kingdom.


  • Undivided starts each year at the beginning of September and runs for a year.
  • There is no charge for Undivided and all meals and accommodation are provided.
  • You will share a bedroom with 2 to 4 others who are also on Undivided.
  • You will receive an allowance of £30 each week to cover your personal expenses.
  • You will have at least one day off a week.
  • You will have 28 days of holiday during the year (including public holidays). Two weeks of this will need to be taken over Christmas and the New Year as the centres close during this period.


Undivided is currently held at Ellel Grange, Ellel Glyndley Manor, Ellel Pierrepont and Ellel Scotland.


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