Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

What Love is This?

‘What love is this?’ has been designed for those who have benefited from a previous creativity event and want to continue to grow in a deeper relationship with God. With lots of creativity, activities and new teaching set in a family environment, this course aims to facilitate the ‘yet more’ our incredibly loving Father has in His heart for you.

Grown out of many years of successful creativity events, ‘What love is this?’ aims to help you in finding God’s solution for the deeper issues of life.  Using a variety of creative opportunities, it builds on other Ellel creativity events to help you grow from a place of deep connection with God. The week will be interactive and engaging, fun as well as challenging, with time for yourself, for God and for fellowship. Alongside the creative workshops, there will be teaching, mentoring, ministry, and much more.  Framed in an accepting and encouraging family atmosphere, the course is about learning together from the living God and discovering the fullness of the goodness He has in store for each of us. We will look at things such as:

-             How do we develop trust?
-             What does real love look like?
-             How can we connect better with other people?
-             Learning to persevere when the going gets tough
-             Facing your ‘today struggles’
-             Learning to yield to God's ways

The Lord knows His children and there is truly nothing that He cannot help us with. Come and discover how God can meet you in even your deepest struggles.


Previous attendance on an  Ellel creativity course is required to book this event, such as: Bridge from the Head to the Heart, Healing through Creativity, or Explore B7: In His Image.



Event Details

The event starts with a  6 pm dinner and ends after breakfast on the final day.  If taking public transportation, we do a pick up on the first day of the event at 4.15 pm and drop off on the last day at 9.45 am from Huntly, the nearest town.  If booking online, please indicate your preference for Premium (2-3 person sharing, en-suite, restored in a lovingly, antique fashion) or Standard (3-person sharing, en-suite, modern renovation).

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