Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Rekindling God's Gifts

A special event for previous trainees who want to more effectively implement Ellel teaching in life and ministry.

This unique event is specifically for those who have received Ellel teaching but feel as though they want to be able to implement it yet more fully into life and ministry. Having received the keys taught through the previous events, it is easy to let those keys slip away. The gifts instilled through the teaching may end up lying partially dormant as life moves on. Perhaps we have even classified them as only suitable for Christian ministry settings. We may struggle with knowing to apply them in every-day life! This event will draw the best out of you and teach you how to be a true light in a dark world, offering hope and healing to many, helping you move forward with a re-kindled enthusiasm for applying God’s keys to healing.

With a vision of seeing you become more effective in helping others, this week will both strengthen your knowledge of the keys already taught as well as offering new teaching that introduces you to ways of using those keys in everyday life as well as in Christian ministry.

Alongside the teaching, there will be plenty of relevant group discussions, as well as times of question and answers with the teaching team. Thus, in a safe environment of like-minded Christians you can be helped together in working through the practical challenges of applying the keys to healing back in your home situation. The advanced teaching will offer in-depth insight into how to utilise the keys already learned in a new and fresh way; a way that is not limited to church walls or Christian ministry.

Topics include:

·         The role of mentoring and discipleship

·         How to handle rejection and misunderstanding

·         True and false responsibilities

·         The power of guilt and shame

·         Breaking through core lies

·         Our personal call in God

·         Equipping for the future

·         Ministry in the real world


Pre-Requisite for Attendance

This is a specialist training event that requires a strong foundational knowledge of Ellel’s teaching.  We therefore have set a pre-requisite of having completed one of the following:

Modular A, Flagship, NETS Stage 1, 20 Day School or Prayer Ministry Skills

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