Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Israel Prayer Week

The nation of Israel is rarely out of the news and is subject to much media speculation and subjective reporting from innumerable viewpoints.  Balancing this with the Biblical perspective is often a challenge and can make our response ill-informed or even ineffective.  This event is a unique opportunity to learn and intercede for Israel from a place of deep biblical and political understanding.
The week is led by Messianic leaders who live in Jerusalem; all of whom know the reality of living in Israel and have dedicated their lives to praying for and serving the nation.
They will be exploring the political situation as more nations actively stand against Israel as well as discussing the significant global rise in Anti-Semitism. In contrast, the intercession will be focused on the Covenants that the Lord has made with Israel and the privilege it is to be alive in the time of fulfilment of so much of God’s prophetic word.
The mornings of this event will be set aside for times of guided and strategic intercession, focussing prayers on what is necessary and pertinent at the time.
The evening teaching sessions will bring a deeper biblical understanding to equip and inspire you to continue in your prayers for God’s nation of Israel.



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